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   Chapter 37 Thirty Seventh

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 5513

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THE WAY she quivered and stared at him as she mentioned the names of the two people he desperately tried to find in the past made him stand up and slowly stepped towards her. Every movement of his feet towards her felt like a load of baggage being lifted from his shoulders. The last time he saw her was when he was thirteen years old. Her appearance changed since then and she looked more beautiful than ever now that he realized who she is. The jet black hair that once cascaded to her waist is now dark brown with touches of blond locks. Her thin body transformed into curves that made him lose his mind with desire.

WHEN SEBASTIAN reached her, took her trembling hands and pulled her into a tight embrace, she couldn't contain the tears and soft sobs that reverberated her chest. Relief surged through her knowing that their friend survived the ordeal that she and Ela brought upon him. She clawed his shirt as she wanted to pull her closer and feel that he is indeed real. That the person she thought to be dead is now holding her. She felt the warmth of fate's reprieve by bringing back one of the two people who mattered most in her life.

"Red, have to promise me that when I tell you to run you have to listen. We can't let them catch all of us. Hurry. The guards will wake up soon. The sleeping potion I mixed up to their drinks will wear off soon and we still have to get past the main fort and gates. The delivery van will leave in fifteen minutes and we have to act fast if we want to escape this place." They wore the black robes that they removed from the guards and covered them with their own red robes. The robes that t

e that took her bestfriend's life.

"Red...Micaela...she died from a fire at the save me." It was all that she could say as she tried to calm herself down from her outbursts.

"What happened after that, baby? How did you survive all these years?" It was a question for Sebastian how his wife purged her thirst for blood. Their illness which the order called as gift is Haematomania or what 19th century called as Modern Vampirism. It is a rare condition that makes a person crave for blood. It gives a thirst like sensation, an addiction with withdrawal-like symptoms.

"My adoptive parents have the same illness. They helped me. They invented a medicine that once injected at the veins will tell the brain that the liquid is blood and it acts a substitute. It's like heroine for people like us, but different. "

"Does the order knew about that drug baby?" Sebastian felt worried about his wife's safety. If she knew more than he thinks he does, her life is in danger. She sighed before she continued. What she was about to tell her husband would change everything they knew.

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