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   Chapter 36 Thirty Sixth

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 5645

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HE DID not wait for her reaction nor did he searched her face for one. He closed his eyes and willed himself to continue. He couldn't stop now. Sebastian knew he had to continue his story or else there would be no other chance. It was fight or flight.

The following night while everyone was asleep, the villagers came and torched their home.

He was the lone survivor only because he disobeyed his parents once more and went to the forest to feed. Heavy rain poured during the early hours of dawn. It must be the rain that drenched the fire on their home. It was tool late for him and his family when he returned the morning after. It was a gruesome sight to see his family burnt black and unrecognizable. He was certain it was them upon seeing his parent's wedding rings. Sebastian knew that his parents were trapped inside with the way they both huddled and hugged each other near the door. The agony of going home to an arson crime scene was too much for Sebastian. He whispered his respects and fled the scene.

He walked in the forest for hours and days, with only his trusty dagger and stopping only to hunt for animal blood. He could go on for days without food and only with blood but his body weakened at each passing day. During those times, at his young age, he thought he's either gone crazy or is a real vampire. He left a trail of dead animals on his wake. His speed and agility, his intelligence in setting up traps made him survived the dangerous trail.

After weeks of venturing the unknown, he saw a castle. When he entered the fort, six black cloaked and hooded men approached him. His seven year old self's first instinct was to flee but the calm voice of one of th

be and hood that made him seem like a ghost. The only difference is his bright blue eyes that made him stand out in his white cladded body.

"Come on, I'll show you." Her friend was quick to approach and held out her hand. "I'm Red and this is my bestfriend Black. You are?" She rolled her eyes as she pretended to not know the new comer.

"Blue. I came from Africa." They shook hands and Red pulled Blue out towards her and almost forced her to also shake hands with their new acquaintance.

"Hi. Nice to meet you." The young boy smiled at her and she could only look at his entrancing blue eyes.

"Same here."


Talia looked at her husband's face and searched his eyes. Her gasp of surprise at the realization also made her stand up from the couch and walk backwards away from him.

"Baby...I won't hurt you...please don't be scared..." Her quivering lips and shaking hands were mistaken to be of fear but it was something else.

"Blue? You're Blue? Ela...she's Red." For someone who might have overheard her silent cries and colorful names, it would seem like a joke. But for them, it's a revelation.

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