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   Chapter 35 Thirty Fifth

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NATALIA KNEW that the moment she admits to the Carlisle the painful fate of their daughter, they would feel broken, like her. She lived half of her life wishing that she was the one who died and not the one who was saved. It was two days after the fire when she woke up at the hospital. She was transferred to her new adoptive parent's house when she was released from her confinement. It was a miracle that she survived with only minor scratches and burn of her skin. Her state of unconsciousness, as advised by the doctor was due to shock and the effects of excessive smoke inhalation on her lungs.

"Hey, you can tell me anything. What's wrong?" Sebastian fears that Natalia's silence has something to do with her past. His wife had been acting strange since she saw Micaela's portrait. When they returned to the bedroom, she was quiet and pensive. She did not even return the kisses that he tried to shower her with. Distracting his wife with his seductive skills may not be the best option but at least he tried.

"I'm just thinking." He waited for a few more minutes for her to open up to him and tell him what's bothering her but she did not budge. For her to share her secrets, Sebastian knew that he had to shed some of his own, even if it meant the possibility of losing her trust.

"Come. I have something to show you." He stood up and offered his hand to her. Before she took it and followed him, she looked at her daughter's sleeping form and sighed. Sebastian took his small sling bag and they stepped out to the room's veranda. Under the stars and the dim lights, they sat beside each other in the beige leather couch facing the railings. Sebastian, without letting go of his wife's hand, picked up the two deciphered black letters and the copies of his transcription then handed them all to Talia. She gasped when she realized what she was holding. With her heart thumping wildly inside her ribcage and holding the two decrypted letters in both of her hands, she started reading.

He sta

hunger. I need this mother. I checked and nobody saw me."

"We can't be sure about that! The villagers are getting upset with all the animal deaths they are seeing. Son, we can't keep on doing this. You have to stop! We moved here for you to have more freedom but what you're doing could endanger us once more."

"If only I can stop. I felt like I'm dying. If I will not do this, it's me that would be lying on that ground, dead and lifeless. I don't want to be a monster, mother. But I'm afraid I don't have a choice." He started covering the impala with dried leaves and branches. He had enough blood to last him for a few days.

"No! You're normal! I gave birth to you. I know you can stop this madness!" He walked away from her. For as long as he could think and walk, he craved for the rustic smell of blood. His mother told him that the first time he showed signs of his addiction was when he was still a toddler. She cut her finger while preparing food and blood dripped at the floor near to where he was playing. He licked the blood then tried to suck his mother's finger for more. It was a horrifying thing for a parent to learn that her only child could be a real life vampire. If only he had the fangs, afraid of sunlight and sleeps in coffin, but he is normal as any other human being except for his craving for blood.

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