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   Chapter 33 Thirty Third

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 6083

Updated: 2018-12-26 04:00

WHEN TALIA returned from the office, she found Sebastian and Sabrina playing with a bright pink ball at the garden. They looked so happy passing the ball to each other, especially their daughter. She wanted to run to them and share the fun but something was bothering her. She received a call at the office and she couldn't fathom what the caller meant. "He may be back, but he won't be the same man he was before. You may try to keep him but he will never be truly yours." As much as she didn't want to thin that Sebastian has a new family waiting for him or if he is hiding something big from her, she couldn't help it. The caller's voice was so creepy it made her shiver. The last thing she needed right now is to doubt her husband.

"Hey baby, how's work? Are you alright?" He instantly noticed the crease in her forehead. She pasted a smile on her face and hoped that he would buy it. She approached them and pecked them both at the cheeks.

"Yes. Just a bit tired, I guess. Hi princess, how are you today?" Sabrina animatedly told her how their day went.

"Daddy and I read some stories, well, he reads mostly and I just watch him, then we ate ice cream and them played ball." Sebastian tousled the little girl's hair and it was too adorable to watch as she looked up to him and smiled. They really formed a bond even in just a short while.

"What time are we leaving tomorrow for Mexico?" Talia asked as she took Sabrina into her arms. Hugging her daughter makes her feel better.

"Their private plane will fetch us here. It so happened that the one managing their business has a conference here. So we can have the plane back to Mexico."

"That's convenient."

"Baby, are you sure you're okay?" Talia sighed and nodded her head. Sebastian led them inside the house and he signaled the nanny who was wait


After a few rounds of silent and slow lovemaking under the covers, Sebastian fell asleep. Talia was thirsty after all their shenanigans. Dressed up in her pajama and Sebastian's shirt, she went downstairs to look for the kitchen. Walking down the hall like a stealthy cat, she remembered the large portrait she saw at the receiving area and felt an urge to go there to look at the image. She was carrying Sabrina earlier and was not able to properly see the surroundings when they arrived. Dim lights are turned on which made her doubt what she was looking at. Talia, went closer to the portrait. She had seen that picture somewhere else. Twice. The one time was in a mini picture frame she saw at her husband's things the night he came back. Back then, she thought it was familiar but she ignored it because she was distracted by her insatiable husband. Now that she's by herself, she looked closely. It was a picture a young girl.

Talia racked her brain on when was the other time that she saw the girl...and the realization of what she was looking at made her heart throb faster and her knees weak. She gasped at the memory. Hands shaking, she held on to the chair near her and closed her eyes.

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