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   Chapter 32 Thirty Second

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 4605

Updated: 2018-12-26 04:00

HE HAD the same dream, but this time, he was in a castle's secret passageway. He knew by the torches and musky smell that permeates the air as he traversed down the stony steps. Every step made him feel suffocated but he continued his way until it led him to a dungeon. He could hear someone wailing for help. It sounded familiar. He ran to the source of the voice and there he found a young man, his face was covered with his hair. His head bowed as he wailed in pain. By looking at his built, he figured that the man was younger than him. He approached his cell but there was an invisible barrier and he couldn't push through. It was like a force field blocking him out. His chest pounded hard as he thumbed on it. It would seem that he was pounding on air as he tried to smash the blockade. He wanted to get in so he could look at the man closely. Sebastian tried a different approach, he walked a few meters away from the cell, as much as the walls would allow and then ran to it with all his might. When he was almost at the imperceptible obstruction, he felt his air sucked out from his lungs at that same moment the man looked up. The barrier did not break and he was thrown back towards the wall. But before that, he saw what he needed. An exact replica of him is trapped behind those bars.

"Sebastian!" When he opened his eyes, he could see the worry and fear in Natalia

eyes and willed these memories out of his mind. His mind is still the most potent once he wielded its powers. His heart thumped and he took hold of his chest. His heartbeat always fascinated him and what made him more enamored with Natalia is her ability to make his heart beat faster than normal even with just her smile and simplest touch. It made him feel more human. And now, their lives are at risk because of his decision to be disloyal to the Order and give his heart to someone.

The one thing that he wanted to avoid is the run-in of his past life and his present. He buried his past so deep in his mind that he almost forgotten that they existed. Now, he had no choice but to bring out his guns. Now that he understood who he's dealing, as much as he wanted to remain living the ordinary life he coveted when he turned, for his family, he would go back to the most painful part of his life. Being himself.

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