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   Chapter 31 Thirty First

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SEBASTIAN woke up feeling bothered and thirsty. He had a bad dream. He was running in an endless tunnel. It was dark and all he could see was the vague light at the end of the passageway, but as much as he ran to it, it gets farther and farther from him. It was like he was running away instead of going towards the light. He was drenched in sweat even though the regulated temperature of the room displayed 16 degrees celcius. He looked at the sleeping form beside him and sighed. His wife turned and hugged his waist. He couldn't help but feel turned on with the way her legs possessively covers his own but he felt distracted by his enigmatic dream. How was he supposed to relive his life if there are bits and pieces that always haunted him? He gently moved out of the bed, careful not to wake up Natalia.

He took the letter and the decoded message from his bag. He laid down beside his wife and read the note once again, trying desperately to understand what it meant. The last part of the message bothered him.

Your past will haunt you

But your future will hurt you

Choose if you want to resume

Or if you want to be consumed

By the hatred and fear

Of people you hold dear

Who are the people he is being warned from? The only ones he cherished is his adoptive father and he is dead. The only remaining people he holds dear is his wife and child. It is absurd to even doubt Natalia. She is everything he dreams her to be. Sebastian sighed and resumed reading.

Envy and pride

Made your enemies strive

For your life to rescind

And your heart to bleed

His enemies succeeded in making his heart bleed for the years he was away from his family. Isn't that enough? Envy and pride. What is to be envious about his life? His business might be successful but it was not the leading company in the market during his time. It is more successful now that his wife is managing it.

You may have escaped

Wanting to

AN HOUR later, they emerged from their love nest and went to the playroom where Sabrina is at that moment. When she saw her parents, she ran to Sebastian. Natalia felt relieved and happy that to see how attached Sabrina is to her father.

"Come on honey, we have to go to the church now. Have you had breakfast?"

"Yes Mommy. I had ceweals and milk. I also ate two slices of toast for you and Daddy. Nanny Nancy said you're too busy for breakfast, so I helped eat some for you." Sebastian laughed at her wittiness.

"Good girl. That's why Daddy felt so full this morning. I ate a lot..." He looked at his wife and gave her a wink which caused Natalia to blush. She realized what he referred to by eating a lot.

"Come on, you two. Time to go to get hitched."

Thankfully, the simple ceremony witnessed by their household staff and the wedding coordinators went smoothly. Money really does play an important part in every event's success. Even if they only decided on the wedding the night before, they were able to secure a church and reception at a short notice. The wedding coordinators that Natalia called worked all night until lunch time just to deliver the dream wedding she wanted. A royal wedding fit for a King and Queen that they celebrated with their cute little Princess.

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