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   Chapter 30 Thirtieth

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 5056

Updated: 2018-12-26 03:57

SEBASTIAN COULD not imagine how he was able to cope up without his family for three years. But some things does not add up. There are some missing timelines on his memory. He could not remember the specific details of what happened the day he went missing. The need to investigate more haunts him.

There is also this thing with the FCPA that he was very suspicious. There was something about it that is blocking his memory. Something important. Does it have something to do with his disappearance?

"My love? What's wrong?" Natalia noticed that he was lost in thought as he watched their daughter run around after eating two servings of ice cream. He smiled and took her hand as she approached him from where their daughter was playing happily.

"Nothing. I'm just happy to be here. I love you so much Talia. You and our daughter."

"We love you too. That's why you should not worry, Sebastian. We will not let anything or anyone take you away from us again. I will make sure of that." He pulled her into an embrace. Briefly looking at her face gazing back at their daughter. He wanted to keep an eye on Sabrina to make sure that she would not go anywhere.

"I missed our daughter's first step, first word, first everything. All the milestones in her early years... But I'm proud of you for raising her well. Look at her. She's so happy and bubble, just like you. I can't keep my eyes away from Sabrina. I'm scared that this is just a dream and that something bad might happen or someone might ta

that he felt for having his family.

"How could I have been so lucky to have you? Both of you." He looked at his wife, happiness radiates with the way she gazed back at him.

"Because we are also fortunate to have you. Don't ever leave again okay?"

"I promise... Talia, let's get married again tomorrow? Are you up for it? We won't follow superstitious beliefs anymore. Anyways, we'll have our pre-wedding honeymoon later." She nodded her head and squealed in laughter as he briskly carried her and twirled her in the air. Sabrina woke up with her mother's giggles and she immediately got down from her four poster princess inspired bed and ran towards them. She almost tripped from her big bunny toy that lies on the carpeted floor and Sebastian ran to catch her but she was quicker. He laughed when she launched herself in his arms to be twirled herself.

"Daddy, it's my turn!"

Sebastian and Natalia both wished that they would stay that way forever. But as they say, nothing lasts forever.

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