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   Chapter 29 Twenty Ninth

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Updated: 2018-12-24 22:28

HAVING REALIZED the fact that Riel is Sebastian Dominic, he called the Private Investigator, Eric and set a meeting with him. Instead of driving all the way to New York, he took a commercial flight to save time. He needed answers and he need them fast. He was surprised that a seemingly familiar man was with the investigator when they met at a hotel room near the airport. He wanted their meeting to be private.

"Sir Sebastian, we have been looking all over for you." He stared at the man, wanting to remember who he is. There was something important about him but he was not sure.

"Sir, thank you for meeting with me. Your wife has been following up on your case and I could not give her any update until you agree to meet with her yourself. Oh, excuse my manners, this is David, Sir, your head of security. He was doing an investigation of his own to find you."

"David. You seem familiar. Please, take a seat so we could start." The two men took the couches opposite him in the grand living room of the hotel suite he's staying at.

"Did you bring what I asked?" Eric nodded and handed him an envelope. He looked at the contents and he felt his heart tighten with what he saw. It contains pictures of his wife and child from the three years that he was not with them.

"Sir, I found the doctor you were asking

tiness in Natalia's eyes whenever he saw her photos but it vanishes when she looks at their daughter. Sabrina. What a beautiful name. Sebastian could not wait to hold them both in his arms.

For two weeks, he studied everything that Eric gave him. Some pieces are still missing but the important ones are there. He asked him to schedule his most awaited reunion with his family.

AS HE waited with Eric at his office, he remembered the long nights he and Natalia stayed at that top floor, the CEO's exclusive floor where everything started. He remembered the first time he saw her on the lift, soaking wet and so sexy on her red lingerie. He envisioned the first time he kissed her at that same office. How their friendship and love for each other started.

Sebastian knew that this time, it will not be a dream. He would finally meet his wife, his once forgotten obsession.

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