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   Chapter 27 Twenty Seventh

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 5399

Updated: 2018-12-24 22:25

RIEL'S MEETING with the Carlisles was very heartwarming but they were not able to give him any other details. He told them about the private investigator and the woman that he saw on the magazin ratie.

"Why don't you go to her so you'd find out?" Martha asked him during dinner.

"I don't think it would be fair to the both of us if I go to her without knowing first the truth or even some parts of it. What if I am not her husband? We are setting ourselves up for a heartbreak if that's the case." Riel wanted to be rational about everything that's happening in his life. He wanted to be cautious.

"But what does your heart tell you, son? What do you feel that you should do?" Riel looked at the old man and he sighed. Martha was also looking at him like she knew how he was feeling.

"I feel like I have to go to her. I feel protective of her." When Riel read the article in the magazines, even before seeing the picture of Sebastian Dominic, he felt an inclination towards Natalia. He felt some strange feelings for that woman on the magazine that he hasn't felt before. Not even with Krizia, whom he thought he was attracted to. Just by looking at Natalia's picture, he felt some connection and a weird feeling of happiness. That is one of the reasons why he could not just march to her and declare that he is her long lost husband, because it would break him if it someone would prove that he is not.

"Maybe that's your cue. Your situation is different. Perhaps you need to trigger your memories so it would come back to you." Martha might be right but there is still big chunk of missing pieces

IDED to purchase a car and drive all the way back to New York. A 37 hour ride with 3, 837 kilometers is between him and Natalia Abrera-Dominic. He hoped that when he reached his destination, he would have something that would point him to the right direction.

He did not stop driving until he reached Texas USA. There he stayed in a small motel. He find it weird that the old couple who owned the place was gaping at him when they saw him and when he gave them his ID, they looked confused.

"Here are your keys. Enjoy your stay. Breakfast will be served until 10 am." He nodded and smiled at the old woman whose name plate read as Cynthia.

Riel entered the room and it was spacious and well maintained for a small hotel. He was impressed with the classy interior and single four poster bed in the room. It was themed like in medieval times. He saw some books on top of the small desk and browsed through some of them. One book caught his attention. When he flipped the pages, his heart almost stopped. There in all it's printed glory is the answer to his questions.

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