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   Chapter 26 Twenty Sixth

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RIEL REALIZED that to find answers, he needed to go back to where it all started. The following morning, he booked a flight to Mexico to meet with the old couple who took care of him. During his flight to the US, he recollected what happened that day and it still gave him the creeps.

He woke up abruptly when an old man knocked on the car window. He felt confused and disoriented, he couldn't remember anything. He just stared at the steering wheel as the knocks beside him intensified. After a few minutes, when he figured out the old man will not budge, he got out of the vehicle.

"Are you alright boy? You've been parked here for almost four hours and I couldn't help but notice that you seem to be having a hard time." He just stared at him, no recollection of why he was there and how he got to be parked in front of the old man's driveway. Soon enough, an old woman approached them and tapped the man's shoulder to question him of what was happening.

"Martha, this boy has been roaming around here for a few hours now and then he stopped and was parked here since this morning. Maybe he ran out of gas?"

He thought about what the old man said, it was funny that he felt more lost than he already is.

"Make him come outside, Paul. He looked tired."

He just looked at them, wondering who these people are and how did he end up to be inside their private estate.

"Come on. Let's get you inside. What's your name young man?"

At that point he felt more like a stranger. His mind was blank about anything on his personal life. Though he was able to function normally, he just couldn't recall anything that would connect him to his identity. He looked around and saw a stack of black paper on the car's dashboard. There was a brand name printed on it, RIEL. A broken phone w


When they got inside, he went straight to the receiving area where a large blown up picture of the Carlisle's lost daughter is in display. He always looked at the picture whenever he felt lost and alone. The way she smiled at the picture made him feel at ease. There was something so familiar about her. He was drawn to her green eyes with speck of gold. He sometimes think that it may be because somehow, they are the same, without knowledge of their past and family.

"If she's still with us, I'm sure you're going to like each other and then you could be our son in law." Riel smiled at Martha. She always said that whenever she would catch him looking at her daughter's picture. They are the same age.

"Martha's playing cupid again, isn't she?" Paul shook his head but his eyes showed a glint of hope. They are still hoping to find their lost daughter, Micaela.

"I have something to discuss with you later if you don't mind?" The couple nodded their heads. They knew how much Riel wanted to find out about his family because in a way, they have the same drive and passion to find Micaela. Riel just wished they could help each other find the missing pieces of their lives.

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