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   Chapter 24 Twenty Fourth

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 5795

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RIEL WOKE up that night feeling exhausted but satiated. He had the same dream, they made love in his dream. When he looked at his member and his hands, they were wet with his juice. He groaned in frustration when he realized what he did. Surely, he could get himself off with just imagining the feel of the woman in his dreams, he wondered what would happen if she's beside him. He stood up and went to the bathroom to clean himself and prepare for the day.

His subscription of Time and People's magazine are waiting at the coffee table when he passed by it. Krizia might have gotten them from the mailbox. He looked at the cover and his heart skipped several beats. He stared at the extremely gorgeous woman in the covers of both magazines. She looked perfectly immaculate. She's perfect. He took the magazines inside his office and he read the articles about her.

Natalia Abrera-Dominic, CEO, Dominic Linea Italia Group of Companies. With Natalia's strong leadership, she was able to save Linea Italia into absolute ruins after the mysterious disappearance of the company's founder, her husband, Sebastian Dominic. The former CEO went missing on the eve of their church wedding. Natalia was pregnant with their child which she named Sabrina. Her strength in character and resilience in life's trials made her this year's most admired person.

Columnist: Natalia, how much do you miss your husband? You were his EA previously and then it blossomed into romance?

Natalia: I miss him terribly each day and night. He's always included in everything that I do. I even consult him inside my head whenever I make decisions. I ask myself, what would Sebastian do? What would Sebastian say? Yes. We started off as friends.

ty. I also erased your real identity in the master server of your country as well as on the banking systems. You're safe.

She couldn't contain the happiness she was feeling. She hugged him. He felt the need to push her gently. Even his conscience is screaming at him to go to Natalia.

"Thank you so much Riel! Now, it's your turn."

At that point, he received a call from someone. A private investigator that wanted to meet with him. Though he already knew who he was, he still met with the investigator.

"Sir, your real name is Sebastian Dominic and you've been married to Natalia Abrera-Dominic. She hired me to look for you.

"I know, but the thing is, I cannot remember anything from the past. All I can remember is everything that happens in the three years that I have been gone."

"You have two options Sir. Go back to your wife and pretend to remember everything, or Go back to your wife and just tell her that you have amnesia."

Riel knew deep within that he wants to go back to her. Just looking at her picture made his heart go wild. If only he could regain his memories soon. He'll find her and be with her again.

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