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   Chapter 23 Twenty Third

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 5540

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"My favorite food is Beef steak with lots of onions, movie will be Matrix and Mission Impossible. Color, well based on my room you might have figured it out."

"Blue and white. Yeah. It's nice. Really really really nice. Mine is red and blue and yellow and white. . . the colors of the Philippine flag. . . Your movie favorites casted Keannu Reeves and. . .that guy Tom Cruise. . . you look as good as them. . .Refill please. . ." Riel refilled her glass.

"I think you've had enough wine Krizia." Riel only had one glass. He was surprised to see that the bottle was almost empty. No wonder the gorgeous lady beside her was acting strange.

"Of course not. . .I only had a few. . .here. . . taste it. . . " She offered her glass to him but he declined. Krizia laughed out loud.

"You're scared to have a taste? Why?" She drank the contents of her cup then took the bottle on the table and drank from it. Riel just watched. He knew it would be pointless to argue with an intoxicated person.

"I am not scared to taste anything." She fully consumed the wine. Her face neck and chest are blushed with pink, making her look more inviting than ever.

"But why are you. . .sitting so far away from me? Wait. . .I'll move. . ." She stood up and sat beside him. She almost sat on his lap if he had not moved a few inches to his right.

"Krizia. . ." She shifted position, and laid her head on his thighs, stretching herself on the couch. She used his thighs as her pillow.

"You're too hard. . .How can you be my pillow if you're hard. . ." Riel whispered a soft curse with her words. There is a part of his anatomy that is turning hard but i

Even pictures of him are nowhere to be found. It's a bit weird that no one seemed to be looking for him.

He tried to search for his car's registration and found nothing. Could it be that the Audi was not his in the first place? Maybe he traded it for something? The car was not linked to any person. It is as if the car is unregistered but bearing a plate number. He had the car shipped overseas and do not use it because it is registered in the US and not in Australia.

Riel felt the urge to shout in frustration. He felt alone and lost. And now, he has someone with him but he fears that he is betraying someone just by helping Krizia. He couldn't bear the thought of hurting the woman that invades his dreams each night. The woman whose voice, moans, touch and caress haunts his sanity. He figured that he could be obsessed with her or the idea of her existence. No other woman, even the one sleeping upstairs could make him feel like the he does whenever he dreams about her. His heart and soul yearns for her. He just hope that he finds her soon or that she's looking for him too.

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