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   Chapter 21 Twenty First

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"Wow. That's really A-list cooking! You should be a chef." Without any doubt, it was true that Riel's dishes were a success.

"Do you still remember who you are?" He teased her.

"Actually no, I don't remember my name, even yours. Hey mister, who are you?"

"I doubt you'll ever forget me. Forgetting me and my gorgeous face? Not in million years I might say." Though he thought that he doesn't really know who he is, but he kept that in his mind.

"Wow. That's also A-list ego you have there. But since I really enjoyed the food you prepared, I will agree to everything you say. Just for now. Did I mention that those were my favorites?"

"Really? Those were your favorites? What a coincidence!" The truth was Riel researched all of Krizia's likes and dislikes. He wanted to impress her. He would start researching more about her life after their dinner.

"I don't believe in coincidence.

"I thought you're going to agree with me?"

"Yeah, but, for me, there is no coincidence. Everything is planned. But that's just me.

"So, what's your deal? I mean, what did you take in college?"

"I'm an architecture graduate. Though I think I forget everything already."

"When you learn something, you'll never unlearn it. Even if you don't use it, when you need to do it, it will naturally come out, unraveling your true potential." He wanted her to never stop believing in herself. Though he figured, it's not true that you cannot unlearn something. Since he himself doesn't remember anything from his past.

"I hope you're right. It was my dream to establish my own Architecture Firm. It's somewhat in line with my family's business, Const

He had another plan. He tricked me into marrying his son." Riel was confused as this would mean that Krizia was to marry her cousin.

"But that would make him your cousin? And that's not allowed." She gripped his hand when he asked her.

"Technically, he's not my cousin. My father and my uncle were stepbrothers. They even had different surnames. Uncle Steve wanted me to marry his son so they could own part of the company. I didn't even know that he had a son, I didn't even know the guy. To ensure that I follow their plans, they kept me locked at home. I was not allowed to leave the house or talk to anyone. I was not a weak person but during those times, I felt helpless. I drowned myself with self pity for not being able to do anything. I would have been depressed if not for Damian, our trusted family butler. He helped me contact the Private Investigator that I hired. What I learned made me decide to run away." Krizia shivered. She looked at him before she continued with her tale. The pain and fear in her eyes made Riel's blood boil in anger for the people who caused her anguish.

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