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   Chapter 20 Twentieth

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When Krizia reached her temporary room, she changed into comfortable clothing from the room owner's closet. She was about to relax at the queen sized bed when some picture frames on top of the vanity table caught her attention. For her, everything about his face is perfect. His nose, jaw, cheekbones, pearly white teeth that would pass for a toothpaste commercial, expressive eyes and kissable red lips are gifts from heaven. Even for a country like Australia where good looking guys are abundant, he would still stand out. She could imagine the vast amount of girls vying for his attention as proven on the restaurant they went to. She wondered if the mad woman who cursed at her earlier and Riel had a history.

She closed her eyes and slowly drifted to quiet slumber. When she woke up, she was still hugging the picture frame. She was thankful that the glass cover did not break from her grasp. It was past nine in the evening. She decided to go to Riel to ask if he would like to have dinner. She brushed her teeth with a spare toothbrush she found at the bathroom before proceeding outside the room. The hallway was dim except for the light emanating from underneath the room. If she is not mistaken, that must be the Master's Bedroom. Maybe he retired at his room instead of the office where he told her he would be.

With a deep breath, she knocked at the door and called his name. As her call became louder, her heart rate became faster. She tried to open the doorknob and it budged, she carefully and quietly opened the door. It was her first time to see the elegant room in blue and white ensemble. If she thought that the room she was using was big, his room was double its size. That's the reason why though the house only has five bedrooms, it looked like a mansion from the outside. Each room can be eq

and just like that, the awkwardness disappeared and was replaced by their usual banter.

"Of course, when I am bored I could even clean the entire house." He's just bluffing. He cleans only his bedroom.

"I'm sure you're just bluffing. You said to me last night that you wait for the dust to pile up before attempting to clean or have the house cleaned up. Enough with your boredom stories, let's eat. Here, let me get you some." She stood up and served Riel some rice and portion of the two delicious dishes.

"Thanks, but you don't need to do that. Here, let me help." He preferred doing things for her.

"Nah. Let me do this since you're the one who did the cooking." Riel realized that the way she looked at him when she's mad and when she smiles have the same effect on him. It silences him and makes him want to agree to anything she says.

"Fine. When did I ever win with you on anything?" He shook his head and smiled when he heard her soft whisper "Not in a million years".

They commenced eating and all his troubles were rewarded by her appreciative comments on how the tangy and sweet blend of adobo and the spicy and slightly salty caldereta were the best dishes she ever tasted in Sydney.

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