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   Chapter 19 Nineteenth

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"Are you okay?" She was not aware that Riel has returned and was looking worriedly at her.

"Yes. I am." She tried to smile but she knew it didn't fool him.

"You missed me that much? I wasn't even gone for six minutes. Next time, I'll leave a photo so you can look at me while I am away." He tried to make her smile by teasing her. He knew why she seemed sad, she was looking at the couple at the corner of the room.

"Your ego knows no bounds." She just shook her head when he laughed out loud.

"I think I'm losing my touch. You're not rolling your eyes at me anymore."

"Is that what you want? Here." She rolled her eyes at him which earned another hearty laugh. She ended up looking at the same couple she was eyeing a few seconds ago.

"Krizia, that's Mr. and Mrs. Ramos, they're also a regular here and whenever I see them, they looked like newly weds. If ever I'll get married, I'll make sure that my wife and I will always be as sweet and intimate as them even as we grow old and all wrinkled up. So, don't be sad. . . In the future, we. . ." He was interrupted by Debbie the waitress who came up to them and handed him his card and receipt.

"Sir, here's your card and receipt." She winked at him before walking back to her station. Riel just nooded at the waitress.

"I am not sad! Let's go! What's with the wink? Leech. . ." She said in a low voice.

"I didn't wink at her. I wasn't even looking." He just felt like he had to explain even if he was sure he did nothing wrong. He just felt like he had to say that to apease her.

"I didn't say you were. Don't explain. Let's just leave." She hurriedly stood up and walked quickly towards the exit. With her speed, she didn

owed Krizia how to open and lock the secured door of his house before they got inside.

"Your doors are all techy."

"It comes with the job. I'll tour you around the house later. Take some rest first, I'm sure you're exhausted. You can use the room from earlier until I fix your own room."

"I can do it. Just tell me what to do. I am your house governess, if I am not mistaken."

"Fine. We'll talk about it later. If you need me, I'm in my office." He smiled at her before he turned his back at her.

"Riel." When he looked back, Krizia smiled. "Thank you. . . for today and for everything."

"Don't mention it. See you later okay. Get some rest." He was caught off guard with the way she looked at him tenderly and with gratitude. For the first time, Krizia voluntarily let down her mask. He saw through her when she said thank you. Faith Krizia Perez Tantoco is starting to warm up to him and he couldn't help but revel at the idea. He still feels like he's forgetting something. Warning bells keep on popping into his head. He just need to take everything slow and hope that he would soon find out about his past.

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