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   Chapter 18 Eighteenth

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"Are we playing games here?" Krizia calmly asked with a sweet smile. She had never been in a relationship in her life and she values the word relationship and boyfriend as much as she values her morale.

"What? No. Of course not." Riel felt worried about what she was thinking at that moment.

"The next time you surprise me again with that stunt you pulled and I proved that you are fooling me, I will make sure to break your balls so hard that will render you useless as a man. Do you understand? Make sure that, what was your term? Ah. Cover up. Make sure that his cover up is the real reason and you are not using me for anything. I am not really thinking that you're a conniving son of a bitch because, lets face it, I am the one needing your help here. I just wanted you to know that I don't tolerate anyone who tries to fool me. I mean everything that I say and deliver whatever it is I promise." Her voice was sweet but her face reeked danger and warning.

"Render my manhood useless? Jeez. You really have a way with words. I just hope that you realize sooner or later that it was never my intent to hurt or fool you. Maybe you're just hungry. Don't worry, our food won't take long." He decided not to be offended or bothered with her words. He gets her point. She is in a point in her life that everyone seems like an enemy and he understands where she's coming from. Not trusting other people is her shield and foul words are her defense mechanism.

"Just a fair warning. Sorry if I came out too strong. It's just that. . ." She calmed down and felt ashamed of herself for saying awful things to

r attention was drawn to a sweet couple smiling and talking to each other at the corner of the restaurant. She remembered that her parents are just like them. Inseparable and always sweet and affectionate. They are like a package deal, where her father is, surely her mother is with him. She was glad in a way that they died together because she was sure that one of them would not survive for long without each other. In a world full of lies and temptation, her parent's love for each other is pure and one of its kind. It was once her fear that she would not find a love as great as theirs. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why she have not been in any type of relationship in her 26 years of existence. Her standards are too high when it comes to love. If she will fall in love, she wanted it to be for a lifetime. But she knew how complicated relationships could be and that is one thing that she cannot afford to have. Though at the back of her mind, she's waiting for the right person to come. She sighed when she realized that would never happen with her messy life.

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