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   Chapter 17 Seventeenth

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Krizia was silent on their drive home. Riel avoided looking at her so he could focus on his driving. When he heard her even breathing, he knew that she fell asleep. Well, she always does that when her back and head hit something soft. The thought made him smile. He felt calm but nonetheless excited on what was about to unfold on their future days together. He enjoyed driving the streets of Australia with his car.

"Are we there yet?" Krizia asked and he can't help but smile.

"Just a few minutes more. You're like a child when you ask that."

"Well, you are driving a sports car but you're driving like a snail. How can you enjoy the full fire power of this awesome car if this is how you drive?"

"Wow. You've just woken up and you're already nagging at me? Not even a good morning honey to greet your gorgeous driver?"

"Honey your face. I'm serious. Why are you too slow? I thought we are already at home with the pace of this car." She really wanted to rile Riel up.

"I am not driving like a snail. I'm on the exact allowed speed limit. I just don't want to draw attention to us for an over speeding ticket. We are fleeing from some bad guys if you've forgotten." That is one of the reason aside from the fact that he doesn't want to wake her up with his driving.

"I see. Point taken. I just thought that you are too scared that this Baby will be battered up."

"Maybe that's one of the reason." And the thought that Riel doesn't want Krizia to get hurt by driving like a menace.

"I was about to ask you if you'll let me drive but I guess, with your love for this car, that would be impossible. I miss driving. I really miss my car."

"Are you guilt tripping me? It doesn't suit you." He saw her mischievous smile and he was sure that she's waiting for him to catch her bait.

"Of course not! Don't you trust me even if I trust you?" She used a gentle and flirtatious voice to gain the effect that she wanted.

"That won't work. You're crazy if you even think that I will let you drive this car. This is not a question about trust. It's about safety. You're not used to driving here. So, no way."

"Fine, if you say so, but mark my words, Riel. One of these days, you will let me borrow this car and when that time comes, I will laugh so hard and so loud." She teased him.

"I'll hold you to that. If that time comes, I will laugh as loud and as hard as you but I am sure that will never happen. In your dreams honey!" He was overconfident when he said those words but when he saw her smile, he hesi

e mentioned earlier.

"Dude! I didn't know you're here." A gorgeous and tall man approached their table. Riel stood up and shook his hand. Krizia was in a daze while looking at two beautiful men that may pass as models of a high fashion magazine or even hollywood actors.

"David. Dude. Yes. Just having dinner."

"You're with a new one. Until when are you keeping her?" David asked in a low voice but Krizia heard it as she was seated near him.

"I think this one's permanent. Wait, I'll introduce you." He whispered and Krizia's heart skipped a beat.

"David, this is my girlfriend Krizia. Honey, this is David, a friend." Riel took her hand and pulled her up towards him. From the surprise and shock of the introduction, she wasn't able to do some bodily harm to the scheming man beside her.

"Wow. Congrats dude! You've finally found what you're looking for. Champagne on the house to celebrate this milestone. Krizia, feel at home. Don't you worry about my friend here. This is a one woman man when he sets his heart into it. So, I'll be going now. Nice one dude!" David patted his shoulders before walking away from them. Riel guided Krizia back to her seat.

"Sorry for not warning you. I had to do that so that no one will doubt why you are living with me. Being my girlfriend will be a perfect cover up. Krizia?" He was nervous when he introduced her as his girlfriend. He was waiting for the punch or kick from her. He was surprised by Krizia's silence and sweet smile. The smile that renders any sane man useless. Riel thought that she was okay with the cover up. Pretending to be living together as a couple seemed like a great idea to him until she opened her mouth.

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