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   Chapter 16 Sixteenth

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"Stop crying. . . Your nose looks like Rudolf's and it gets bigger like a ripe red tomato. Besides, I don't have another hanky for you to blow your big red nose on. You even had my shirt wet with your tears a while ago." Riel tried to divert Krizia's attention by irritating her so she'll stop crying. He wanted to approach and comfort her but she kept on retreating. With all his teasing, he hoped he achieve his purpose.

"My nose is not red and big you dummy!"

"That's the only thing you remembered from everything that I said? Come on, lets go. I'll take you home to my place." Krizia rolled her eyes at him.

"Why does it feels wrong when you say that? I get nervous whenever you tell me you're taking me home with you."

"It just feels wrong because you make it seem that way. You're the one who has a naughty mind. Not me! I wasn't even thinking about anything. Look, I just want to help. Can't you just trust me after everything that happened?" He wanted her to feel comfortable, as much as he would like to be all tender and caring towards her, he reverted back to their casual banter and the annoyed tone of voice they got used to the first time they met.

"Honestly? I do trust you. But I don't have anything to offer. . . I can't repay you. . ." She didn't want to admit to herself that she has no choice but to accept Riel's help. She wanted to try and live a normal life. She can only do that if she let the gorgeous hunk help her.

"Krizia, I am not asking for payment. It would even give me peace of mind if I am sure that you're safe." He felt overprotective of her even for the short time that they've known each other. It was like it was his mission to ensure that her problems will be solved.

"There's nothing free anymore. . . everything has its price and. . ."


iles so she closed her eyes to avoid the temptation of looking at him.

"I'll tell you if you tell me why you closed your eyes." Riel wanted to prolong the moment that they have. He was not sure when the moody and violent Krizia will be back. He kind of like the teasing Krizia better.

"Psssh." Krizia just rolled her eyes that earned the laughter of her companion.

"Fine. Let's go then." He revved up the engine, opened the garage door and exited the storage. He first ensured that the garage was locked before they left the place where their friendship seemingly began to take a better route.

Krizia knew that on this new chapter of her life, she needed to be extra careful. She will not be thinking about herself but also the safety of her savior. She hoped that he could really help her live a peaceful life.

Riel promised to himself that he will do everything in his power to know the whole truth behind Krizia's troubles. There is like a strong force that motivates him to ensure the girl's safety. Now that he has someone to be with, he wouldn't want to be left alone once more. Perhaps the overly irritating girl is the one person that he has been waiting for. Destiny's gift.

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