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   Chapter 15 Fifteenth

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 5664

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"Krizia, is your real name Faith Krizia Perez Tantoco?" Riel looked for her in the internet while she was taking a bath. He just took about ten minutes to prepare and could not help but think who she really is so he used his connections to search for her. With just a name and a face as memorable as hers, it took him only twenty minutes to find out her real identity.

"How did you. . . No. I am not that person." She knew that there was no point in hiding who she is from him. He's the kind man who had been taking care of her since they met but it was her survival's instinct to deny who she is. It was her usual answer whenever people will start recognizing her. Even if she changed how she looked and the way she dressed, she still cannot flee from her old life. It always hunts her down.

"You can trust me." He took her slightly shaking hands into his and massaged her knuckles as if his gentle touch could ease away her fears. Somehow, it relaxed her. But it did not stop the tears from falling down her eyes. "Hey. . . come here." He pulled her to his shoulders and the crook of his neck, willing for her to empty her tear ducts as he tried to comfort her. After a while, she stopped crying. He didn't let her go. He waited for her to open up to him.

"Sorry. I'm such a mess. I mean, here I am on my seventh country since I fled from my wedding but still I can't shake them all off. Don't mention the fifteen states I have travelled across the US. My trust funds are running low and I am afraid that our butler who had been warning me every time they found out where I was will be caught and he will lose his job."

Riel just listened. All he knew about Krizia was her name and he

hen I drove it here to this garage." Krizia felt touched that because of her, he would be using his favorite car.

"Wouldn't it be too much if we use that now? I mean, we can just wait through the night before we leave, that way you won't have to switch cars."

"Nah. It's fine. Your safety is more important. Hey. . . why are you crying?" Riel was too engrossed admiring his car that he didn't notice that Krizia started to cry silently. He approached her but she held her arm to stop him.

"I'm ok. Just don't be too kind. I might get used to this. Can't we just go back to the way we were before all this happened? I think I am more comfortable shouting at you and you shouting back at me." She was insane to say those things but she was feeling different and she can't have that. She needed to stay focused and Riel will only be a distraction.

He knew why she said those words, for he too felt something's changed between them and it was making her feel uncomfortable. He would agree to anything she says as long as she will let him take care of her. But it felt awfully wrong for him and he keeps wondering why.

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