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   Chapter 11 Eleventh

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The evening went by in a blur of Riel trying to ask Krizia to open up but they ended up just talking about random stuff like their favorite color, hang outs and brand of shampoo.

"Why are you even asking me my shampoo brand? That's just silly."

"Well, it wouldn't have been if you were answering my serious questions. So, what is it?"

"What is what?"

"Your shampoo brand!"

She rolled her eyes at him and pretended not to listen.

"Oh come on. Just so I know what makes you smell like vanilla and jasmine." It smelled too familiar. He felt attuned to that smell and he doesn't understand why.

"How did you even smell my hair?"

"Do you really want me to answer that, Krizia?"

She avoided answering personal questions so he stopped his prodding to keep her good mood. She just bowed her head and remained quiet.

"Are you ready to go home?" Riel wanted to prolong his time with her but she seemed distracted. She was frequently glancing at her watch, which irritated him at some point.

"No. I'm good. Don't you have any other question, not too silly please." She was not even listening to him. She was thinking about the call she was about to receive at her new apartment in thirty minutes. She hated her life but what she hated the most was the fact that as much as she wanted to stay hidden and escape, she was always found.

"Krizia, what's wrong? You can trust me you know." Riel had enough of the stubborn girl in front of him. He felt that she is bothered by something but she wouldn't share. Why would she if she thinks that he is just a mere stranger. He wanted her to trust him.

"Nothing. I hate to do this but can we go somewhere else? I mean, we've been here for like two three hours but I don't want to go home yet."

"We can stay here. The shop is open 24 hours anyways."

"Oh. How about you? Don't you need to go to work early tomorrow?"

"It's a weekend and besides, I manage my own time, I can always work from home so no worries." He does not usually openly discuss his work or his life to anyone but he felt at ease with sharing some details to her.

"Thanks." She was toying with the hem of her shirt and biting her lips, both signs that she's nervous.

"You can tell me. Maybe I can help."

"I don't know what you're talking about. Excuse me for a sec."

hen he told her he was living alone.

"That's one of my problems. I don't have time to do the chores but once in a while I hire a cleaning lady though it could be costly so I usually just wait until the dust are all piled up before I try to clean."



"Nothing." She knew for a fact that men hated to do household chores and Riel seemed to be one of them.

"Do you mind if I leave you here for a while? Feel at home. I would have toured you around but we have no time. Maybe next time, I'll show you the house." His smile was infectious but Krizia just nodded. She remembered the call that she should have answered at Sara's place.

"It's okay."

"By the way, Sara called earlier and wanted me to tell you that some guy called your apartment and asked that you call him back as soon as possible. Sorry I forgot to mention, I was too caught up with the. . . Krizia? Are you alright?"

Riel approached her when he saw that all color left her face upon the mention of her caller. He took her shaking hands and pulled her closer to him for comfort. He didn't know what urged him to do so but at that moment, it felt like he had to do something to make her feel better.

The call always happens on her second day at a certain place.

She was trembling. Her earlier feisty demeanor was replaced with anxiety. She was anticipating that sooner or later they would find her but she thought this time, it would have been different. She thought she escaped from them at long last. But as always, she was wrong.

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