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   Chapter 9 Ninth

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NATALIA WOKE up that day feeling hopeful. It's their wedding day. Sebastian stayed in a hotel just to be sure to get rid of bad luck. It was said that the couple to be married should not stay in the same house or even see each other a day before the wedding. It would be like a reveal yourself to me day, when the two couples will be reunited on the hour of their matrimonial union.

She dialed her husband's number and waited for his answer. It was weird that she cannot seem to get through.

"Carina, please call my husband and check if he's still checked in the hotel." Natalia called the new EA. Sebastian didn't want her to work when they found out that she's pregnant. Her pregnancy is sensitive and needs enough bed rest.

After a few minutes, Natalia received the response from Carina.

["Ma'am Natalia, apologies for being the one to report this but, Sir Sebastian did not check in last night at the hotel as advised by the front desk. He called that he would be late but he never did show up."]

At that moment, she felt weak with worry. Where could her husband be? He's missing on the eve of their own church wedding?

"Call the police and his security team. I want to know some details. Have someone check this for me Carina. I'm not feeling well. Please....just inform me.

["Noted Ma'am. What about"] The EA was scared to ask that question but she knew that it's necessary, so she bravely asked what Talia was scared of answering.

"Carina...if he doesn't show up at around 9 am this morning, please cancel the wedding. Send out notifications to everyone that the wedding will be postponed."

["Yes ma'am."]


NATALIA STILL thinks about Sebastian. He will always be part of her day. She had a


Natalia sat on the swivel chair and looked at Sebastian's pictures on top of her desk. She caressed the desk with her fingers, hoping that it's her husband's face that she's stroking.

"Where are you my love? Why can't I find you?" She prays for him each day that he find his way back to her arms. She misses him so much. His smile, his soft voice when he whispers to her that he loves her, she longs for the feel of his hugs and kisses. She hoped that wherever he is, he is fine and safe. She could feel that he is alive and she wish to have another chance to be with him and to enjoy their daughter's company.

"Ma'am Natalia, the investigator is here."

"Send him in and do not accept any calls until he leaves." Natalia opened her desk drawer and took out the envelope she prepared as payment for the PI's services. The investigator she hired this time is the most expensive agent she could find. His tracing abilities makes him the best in his field.

"Yes ma'am...though he has someone with him..."

"Really? Who?" She was still fumbling over her drawer when she heard the voice she was aching to hear for three long years.


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