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   Chapter 8 Eight

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 5703

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THEIR CIVIL wedding was made special not only with the white couture dress that Sebastian designed for his wife. An arrangement of pink roses and pink carnations made up Natalia's bouquet. He also gave another ring to her during their wedding. The second piece of the three piece engagement ring and wedding ring. The middle one is the 5 carat princess cut ring that she gave her when he proposed. She'll wait for the third one on their church wedding after two months. The witnesses were her two friends from the orphanage, Sally and Wally, who are fraternal twins that were left on the orphanage's doorstep when they were still infants.

"How did you meet them my love?" Natalia whispered to Sebastian as she watched her two friends eat at the opposite side of the restaurant table. They're celebrating their civil wedding in a five star hotel near the city hall.

"I called them a week before today and asked if they would like to witness our wedding and they agreed. I found their names from the standard background check that we all do with our employees."

"I'm just surprised that's all. I'm so happy right now Love. I can't explain how I'm feeling." She started to cry and her friends stopped eating and looked at her.

"Tal, why are you crying?" Sally asked while Wally looked as if he's going to punch Sebastian. He assumed that the husband was the reason why the wife was crying.

"I'm just happy." A look of confusion passed between the twins.

"If you're happy, then why..."

"Well, I guess with the hormones and all, I'm just emotional because of the pregnancy." They gaped at her and Sebastian just smirked. He even took Talia's hands and pressed a kiss on her knuckles.

She lifted his chin and looked into his eyes. She wanted him to see the desperation she was feeling. She aimed for him to discover the fear that is shown in her eyes.

"I love you so much and our baby is all that I could think of whenever I feel worried or stressed...I want to provide you the best but what if I can't even offer you anything?"

The fear of losing his Business empire troubles Sebastian. His company is under investigation for an anomaly in the US. It was orchestrated by his adoptive father's brother. He wanted to have a part at the Dominic Linea Italia Corporation but Sebastian knew that he is greedy, so he did not approve his affiliation with his company. Sebastian was framed and now his company and wealth is on the rocks. The fate of thousands of his employees also hangs in danger. The heaviness of his responsibilities as President and CEO of his empire is now affecting his health and mind. He feels lost and scared to lose everything that he and his adoptive father worked hard for. But what he is mostly fearful for is that he could not provide a good life to his wife and child.

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