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   Chapter 7 Seventh

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One of the things that Natalia loves about her fiance is his ability to make her feel special despite their busy schedule.

He surprised her with a picnic lunch. He pretended that they would be meeting a client in a nearby park. When they reached a greenfield clearing near a pond, under a big oak tree, she was delighted to see a picnic setup for the two of them. An array of food was arranged on a navy blue blanket. There was a cold bucket with a bottle of champagne, two crystal goblets that shone in broad daylight. Sebastian made sure that everything that was served is Talia's favorite. An assortment of cheese, vegetable salad, garlic pesto pasta and bagels were served.

"Hi baby, I have something for you. Here..." When Talia looked at the folder he was showing her, she cried in glee. It was the accomplished forms and completed requirements needed for their wedding.

"Wow! It was that fast? Great! Then we can get married when?"

He looked amused and elated as he stared at her reaction. She's a breeze of fresh air in his chaotic and polluted life.

"Right now if you want." He looked serious and Talia just gaped at him. She wants a church wedding but if Sebastian wants to get married in a city hall, she doesn't give a damn, as long as she could call him hers, her husband, the location and date is not important.

"I want. Yes. Anytime. I love you." Their staring contest was intense. She looked at him with so much admiration while he looked at her like he saw his life flashing right before him, with her beside him forever.

"Then, after we eat, let's go to the city hall and get married. But we will still proceed with the church wedding in three months time."

"Oh my Gosh! Really? We'll get married in a civil ceremony? W

nk you baby, for coming into my life." He kissed Talia with so much passion she almost forgot to breathe.

"My love, we can't breathe." He immediately looked at her tummy and caressed it. Looking all worried for the little bundle of joy inside her womb.

"Sorry my baby."

"Let's eat now." He nodded and proceeded to feed her. She will surely be pampered more than usual now that she's pregnant.

"Mi amor, are you that hungry?" She noticed that he started eating two more slices of bagels with cheese.

"Yes baby. I still feel hungry even after eating the pasta. And now I am feeling awfully sleepy."

"Maybe because you shared my pasta. It is a myth that whenever someone shares food with a pregnant woman, the dizzy spell, sleepiness and everything that a future mother encounters will be transferred to the other person."

"Wow. De Verdad!? Really? Is this true?"

"I don't have proof but looking at you and seeing you now, makes me want to think otherwise.

He looked too cute so she took her cellphone and flashed multiple photos of him. It would be added to her collection of everything that is Sebastian, her future husband and father of her child.

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