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   Chapter 6 Sixth

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She felt Sebastian's mouth wander from her lips to her neck down to her voluptuous curves. His hands were busy exploring parts of her that she craves only to be touched by him. She's in a spell, a dizzying spell that only Sebastian could make happen.

"Natalia! Hey, Natalia!" She was awoken by that resounding voice that seem to permeate even her dreams.

"Talia, why are you sleeping in your desk?" The same man she was dreaming about is standing in front of her, staring at her with his brows furrowed.

"I wasn't sleeping." She tried to utter an excuse. He looked disbelievingly at her. She smiled to hide her nervousness.

"Yes you are...and I heard you whispered my name." His soft tanned hands stood out as he caressed her pale cheeks. She closed her eyes at the contact.

"Sorry. I just miss you..." Like the one she has just dreamed about, he pulled her up towards him and angled his head to give her a toe-curling kiss.

"I'm the one who should be sorry. I was too busy for my... baby... I was too dam preoccupied that I neglected my girlfriend...but now I have time..." She moaned in ecstasy. Her eyes voluntarily shut close as his hands travelled down to her body and cupped her mounds. All the while, he's devouring her lips before moving his kisses down to her neck and the valley of her breasts. He unbuttoned her see-through blouse and felt her nips that came alive with his touch.

"I uhhh...nders...tand..."

" don't. I've been neglecting my queen...I can't get enough of you baby...Please move in with me?" Natalia could have said yes to anything that he would ask because of the sensation she was feeling with the way he was kissing her body and the addicting feel of his hands as it strays all over her.

"Yes...just don't stop and...I'll say

with ten rooms is named after Natalia. Villa Natalia. This was Sebastian's engagement gift to her.

"Mi amor, what if we hire a wedding coordinator or planner to do everything for us?" He looked at her from his laptop screen and smiled.

"That would be great. So that finally I could call you my missus." He stowed away the laptop on the bedside table and pulled her closer for a cuddle. He misses her but the stress brought by the issues in his Enterprise is taking a toll on him. He seldom sleep and often feel exhausted. He felt like he's about to go on a breakdown if not for Natalia's presence, he might have given up.

"I love you. I hope you'd work less. Look at you my love. You look handsome and all that, but your eyes look weary and tired. Here, let me give you a massage." She straddled him and massaged his temples. He moaned in response.

"'re addicting. Everything about you is enchanting...I can't even imagine my life without you baby. I love you so much." Talia's heart soars whenever Sebastian would express his love for her.

"Good for you because I am enamored by you and you alone. I love you." They proved to each other their love that night.

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