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   Chapter 5 Fifth

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IT WAS on his birthday when they started treating each other on a more personal level. She prepared an intimate dinner for the two of them at his garden.

"Wow. You outdid yourself here. You cooked all these food?" Talia just nodded her head and gave him a sweet smile.

"Happy birthday! I hope you'll like my gift..." He reached out and took the small box that she gave him. His fingers lightly grazing hers as he claimed his gift.

"This date is more than enough gift for me."

"Open it." He was looking at her in a way that made her throat feel dry. Without glancing away from her face, he opened the box revealing the silver watch she picked for him. She saved a month of her earnings to buy him the gift. She wanted it to be special. She want a part of her to be always with him wherever he goes.

"This is are beautiful. Thank you." He caressed her cheeks and took her hand in his, gently raising it to his lips for a chaste kiss.

"Let's eat? I think you'll enjoy the food tonight. I specifically cooked all that I knew you'll want." He looked at her intently and licked his lips. She was enchanted by the way he was looking at her.

"I have everything that I want here with me tonight and that makes me happy. Thank you." With heaving chest he stood up slightly and moved his head near hers, grazing his lips at her cheeks. Her heart almost stopped beating with his gesture.

A WEEK after that date was the turning point of their relationship.

The frames hanging on the oak wood wall rattled at the sudden opening of the President's door, revealing the gorgeous man Natalia dreams about each night. The man who haunts her sanity day and night.

"Talia...I can't hold back anymore...I want you..."

Natalia's heart hammers in her chest upon hearing his deep husky voice. Every beat in tuned with the ticking of the clock inside the spacious office, reminding her where they are.

"Sir Basti...what do you mean?" His entrancing wayfarer blue eyes turned darker like the dark blue emblem that hangs on his office wall. as he noticed the subtle way she licked her lips. In his big strides that screamed confidence and sexiness, she seemed lost as she stares at his dark orbs. The usually calculating pair of eyes is now probing her face for any sign of rejection.

"I want you. All of you. Here and now. I can't think of any more reason why we should not do this, Talia." Sebastian looks at her with a fiery gaze. She's the only one he sees. The sound of warning bells in his sane mind lost to the undeniable attraction he feels for her.

"But, you're my boss and company rules forbids relationships with co-workers..." She didn't want to complain. She wanted this. She dreamed of this. But she needed to be sure that he really made up his mind. He should not have any regrets of being with her.

"'re fired...effective now." Like a panther to its prey, he was quick to pounce, pulling her from her seat and into his warm body. With a gasp

of surprise and excitement, she let him take the lead as he devoured her lips with a scorching kiss. She matched every stroke of his lips and tongue with the same passion and intensity. Her vice grip hold on his hair a proof of her desire.

Natalia could not deny that she wants him. She craves for him. Months of being in the same room everyday and breathing in his enchanting scent, days of longing more of his touch, minutes of fantasizing of him sparing her a heated glance, he finally gave in and now he wants her.

"I can't stay away from you're torturing me... all these months was torture for me...I wanted you the first time I laid my eyes on you..."

One thing that she will never doubt is the way her heart erratically beats whenever he is near. The way she swoons whenever he looks into her eyes, how her whole being is tuned to his presence in a room. These feelings tripled as his lips travelled down to her neck, his big hands held her hips, placing her on top of the office desk, lifting her skirt and feeling her moist folds while removing her lacy undies in one swift move. He seemed in a daze as he felt her wet and dripping.

"Sir..." She's lost the moment he said he wants her and now that she's feeling all the sensation, there's no turning back.

"Say my name...I want you to say my name..." He murmurs as he removed the rest of her clothing and pressing himself on her, making her feel the effect she has on his manhood.


"Natalia...God baby, you're driving me insane..."

"Sebastian...I need you now..."

He pulled her closer and pressed her tightly to his body as he angled his head to give her a passionate kiss. She moaned in ecstasy. Her eyes closed in abandon as his hands travelled to her body while his lips captured hers in a dance of passion. He savored her lips then moved his kisses down to her neck and the crevice of her chest as he focused on her twin mounds. She gasped when he bit her nips simultaneously pushing one digit inside her. His dark eyes filled with lust is now comparable to the dark blue emblem that hangs on his office wall. She shouted his name the moment he devoured her core. When he lifter her and laid her down the room's couch, she was already soaked and delirious with need. He wasted no time and removed the last layer of his clothing. The four walls of the room were filled with their moans of pleasure and promises of love as he showed her how much he wanted her.

"Are you ready for me?"

"Yes..." That was his cue to lower himself on top of her and slowly ease himself inside her. At their blissful union and peak of passion, they both experienced something that they haven't before. An explosion of love and emotion combined with shouts of satisfaction as they reached their climax. Natalia knew that by giving herself fully to Sebastian, there's no turning back. She will be forever marked by him as he was the one who took something that she was saving for the man she will marry.

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