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   Chapter 4 Fourth

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SIX MONTHS of working with Sebastian Dominic was both hell and bliss for Natalia. Late nights at the office and constant travelling with him were both fulfilling yet disconcerting. The palpable sexual tension between them increased as the day passes by. He was starting to show her some signs that he treats her more than just his assistant. There were times when he travelled abroad alone that he brought her expensive presents and gifts when he get back. He gives her branded clothes, shoes, perfumes and sometimes jewelries. It made her heart dance in glee whenever he gives her something from his trip. It meant that he thinks about her even when they're not together.

There was also one time that he personally went with her to go shopping for a dress she needed to wear for a Charity ball that they would be attending.

"I love how that dress cascade in your magnificent and flawless body." Hearing him whisper that in her ear when she showed him the red long gown that she picked gave her goose bumps.

Another unforgettable time for Talia was during that one time that they were at a casino in Las Vegas and a man hit on her.

"Leave my girl alone before I break your neck with my bare hands." The man hitting on Talia was quick to ran away when he saw Sebastian and the two bodyguards behind him. Having him hear those words made her hope that one day, it would prove to be true. That she will be his girl.

His kindness and sweetness made her fall for him deeply. She tried to made him fall for her through her cooking. Every weekend, she would bake something, a pastry or bread to give him. At least once a week, she would wake up earlier than usual to cook something for him, a pasta or a dish that he haven't tasted before.

"You really are good at this, Talia. How come you didn't pursue Culinary?" He sometimes would ask her. She just shrugged and smiled. She wanted to tell him that she only cooks for those who are special to her but she refrained.

Whenever they would be having out of the country travels, he drops by her apartment to pick her up and each and every time, she would be caught off guard, always wearing thin nighties or skimpy shorts and loose shirts with thin fabrics that would make his eyes darken with desire.

She has been his constant companion in all his meetings and even the parties that he attends to. She was his executive assistant and official date in every gathering.

"Sebastian, who is this gorgeous lady?" When an old man approached them at one of the parties they attended, Sebastian quickly took Talia's hand and pulled her closer to him protectively.

"Uncle Ben, this is Natalia, my assistant. Natalia, meet Benjamin Charleston, my father's brother." When he said those words, it sounded off to Talia. There's a hostile tension between the two of them.

"Nice to meet the woman who could be keeping my nephew's bed warm at night." Sebastian would have punched him if Natalia did not restrained him. She held his hand and wound his arm on his own to keep him from attacking the vile man.

"Don't say r

ude things. You don't know her." They left the party early that night. It was one of the nights that he would ask her to go to his house and watch a movie with him at his home theater. In the months that she work for him, he always respected her personal space but when they're in the dark theater at his house, he always held her hand. There are times that she would wake up with her head resting on his shoulder with both their seats reclined and a blanket was over them. One would think that they're dating if they see Sebastian and Natalia in that position.

"Hey...good morning. You slept on the movie again." She smiled at his greeting. He was smirking at her.

"Your choice of movie is so bad I always fall asleep." This time he laughed.

"You were the one who said you wanted to watch a romantic film, but you kept on drifting off." He took her left hand and massaged it. She closed her eyes at the contact.

"Well, I guess I was just so tired." He sighed and stretched his arm to rub her shoulders, trying to ease the tension and exhaustion.

"Let me talk to your boss, he must be a slave driver for wearing you out." Talia smiled and hummed. She loved how his hands felt at her bare shoulders.

"Nah...He's a great boss. He kept giving me these toe-curling massages and pampering me lots of food and fun movie nights." He laughed and pinched her cheeks.

"Toe-curling huh? I'll tell him to give you something else soon that would make your toes really curl..." His voice sounded hoarse and she moaned at his hot breath on her ears.

"Hmmm...really? I wonder what that would be."

"Believe me Talia,'ll find out."

Sebastian is something that could pass as a Greek God. His aura of dominance and power is intimidating for some but not for Talia. She felt entranced by him. The way he walked and gave orders to his staff excites her.

Spending time with him alone in his office made her aware of all his quirks. He's a sucker for order and cleanliness. He doesn't want any of his things in disarray. Aside from wanting his coffee black, he's a sugar addict. He eats up all her baked pastries like it was popcorn on a movie night.

Deciphering how Sebastian ticks was Talia's mission when she decided that she likes him, but now that they were both familiar with each other and became closer than what is normal between an employer and employee, they became more cautious.

Sebastian wanted to protect her from rumors even though she doesn't care about what other people thinks. She was at that stage when all she could think about was to be with him in a deeper level, in a place where no other woman was able to dive into.

He kept on invading her dreams. Making her more conscious of him whenever they are together. It didn't help that he make it a point to always visit her at her desk and kneads her shoulder blades if he sees her looking all stressed with work of whenever she sounded tired. It's weird seeing the Boss easing up the staff's tension with a massage but her heart flutters with warmth and glee each time.

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