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   Chapter 3 Third

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NATALIA WENT home in her small apartment feeling hopeful. Not only was it because of her new job but because of her new goal in life. To make Sebastian fall for her. She slept early that night but woke up feeling thirsty at 4 am. She was wearing a skimpy white nightie and was drinking water when she heard a knock on her door. She spilled the water, making her voluptuous chest more visible under the thin lacy fabric.

In her haste and sleepy state, she opened the door without checking who the visitor was. She almost dropped the glass she was holding when she saw the strikingly handsome man she was fantasizing about, standing in front of her. A look of hunger evident in his eyes as he scanned her features. Talia could see his eyes darkened as he focused on her damp nightie. She felt more thirsty with the way he was looking at her.

"Get dressed. We'll be leaving in 30 minutes." His eyes still pinned at her visible nips that stood in attention beneath her thin dress.

"Where are we going?" Her voice sounded breathy and hoarse and she think she heard him groan.

"Just...dress up." He heard the door from the apartment beside her own and he gently pushed Talia inside and closed the door. Their bodies were pressed together. He was looking at her like he was about to devour her. She smelled his minty breath and she heard herself moan when he whispered in her ear.

"Next time, check the peep hole first before opening your door. Not everyone could have self control over your...lack of decent clothing..." His tongue slightly dipped in her ear before he let her go. She felt dizzy and disoriented as he walked inside her living room and settled on the couch. He took a square pillow from the couch and gently covered his lap. If what happened had an effect on him like it had on her, then something else remained standing when he sat down.

"Talia...move...I don't have all day. Bring your passport with you." When he licked his lips, she almost ran to him for a taste. With heavy feet, she walked slowly to her room. Making sure to put an extra sway in her hips. She could feel him staring at her.

She took a quick cold shower before dressing up in a dress suit that matched her boss' outfit. He was wearing a grey suit and blue undershirt. She wore her light blue figure hugging dress that could pass as both a party dress and an office attire. Wearing her four inches stilletos that would make him only a few inches taller than her, she went to the living room where he's waiting. She rarely put makeup but today she wanted to feel pretty so she dabbed a lipstick and made her eyes look more expressive with a mascara.

"You're...five minutes late. Come." The way he said come had a different meaning for Talia. She felt her cheeks blush with the idea she's having. Adding to her fantasy was seeing him scanning her from head to toe before finally walking towards the door to open it for her.

"We're going to Paris...for a business meeting."

"Noted Sir Sebastian." She felt herself shiver when he took her elbow to guide her inside his limousine. They were facing each other on the seat and she could feel his eyes blatantly staring at her exposed legs.

They used a private jet to fly to Paris. It was an excruciatingly difficult plane ride. She hated flying and she had a panic attack.

"You didn't tell me you're scared of flying?" She just looked at him while trying to control her breathing.

"I know something that could make you feel relaxed. Will you allow me?" Talia just nodded her head. She would accept anything that this man would offer her as long as she'll feel calm.

Sebastian took her hands and massaged them. With his light and sensual touch, he d

rew imaginary circles on her palm and up to her arms. Each caress earned a moan from her lips. It was both relaxing and arousing. She closed her eyes to feel more of the sensation his fingers are doing to her arm and hands.

"Relax..." After take off and they could remove the seatbelt, she heard him move and he knelt down in front of her. She felt his hands travelled from her ankles up to her knees, with the same circular motion he did on her arms. Her heart raced as his hands moved higher to her thighs.

"Are you feeling better?" She felt more hot and sweaty when his hands left her legs and shifted to her shoulder blades. His hands caressed and massaged her exposed neck, collarbone, sometimes dipping slightly to the exposed part of her chest.

" do you feel now?" She almost answered horny but she refrained herself. She just whispered that she's fine. With his last caress at the back of her ears, sending her nerve endings another wave of shiver, he left her and went to the bathroom at the end of the hall.

When he returned thirty minutes later, he took his laptop and did not glance at her again. He's back in his working mode.

"We'll be landing in around 6 to 7 hours at the least. Get your laptop and start reviewing the files that I sent you."

"Yes, Sir." She started working alongside him. The sound of the keyboard as his soft fingers typed a series of instruction that he sent through instant messenger made her heart beat faster. Natalia doesn't know why he's acting strange but she's enjoying every second of it.

Sebastian: Are you done with the two files I sent you?

Natalia: Yes sir. I sent it over two seconds ago.

Sebastian: You work fast.

Natalia: I just want to prove how efficient I can be.

Sebastian: I'll test that sometime one way or another.

Natalia: I'll be looking forward to that, Sir. I am actually more than eager for that test of yours.

She looked at his reaction and saw his lips twitch in a smile he didn't want to show.

"Sir, would you like your lunch to be served?" He looked at Natalia questioningly and she just nodded her head. He addressed the flight attendant with a curt nod.

"You could have at least answered yes you know." Natalia was surprised by her own voice. She just could not stop her blabbering mouth sometimes.

"Excuse me?" He looked somewhat irritated but amused. She exhaled deeply before she responded.

"She was looking at you like a lost puppy waiting for your response but you only gave her a quick nod." He smirked and shook his head.

"Coming from someone who nodded her head in response when I asked her."

"Well, you silently asked me...with your eyes I mean, so it was just polite and proper that I respond the same way...silently." This time, he chuckled and she smiled at that. It was music to her ears, how his laughter could sound so sexy was beyond her.

"You're really something aren't you?" He looked taken aback by his own words and abruptly stood up to go to the toilet. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately.

When he got back, the food was already served and they ate in silence. Spending the rest of the flight with Sebastian was refreshing for Natalia. Not only was she able to talk to him but he also taught her the important things that she need to know and do as his EA. Her first impression of him being cold and calculating is true without a doubt, but that day, he also showed her the other side of him. He was gentle and accommodating. Something that she did not expect for someone of his caliber. She knew that she's attracted to him, but now that she's starting to get to know him better, she feared that soon she would inevitably fall for him.

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