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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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I was lying on the same cold, wooden floor. Tears streaming from my eyes and blood dripping from my fresh cuts. I was staring at the old, worn out ceiling that has almost been covered in molds since it's been months or years since this empty room has been cleaned.

I drifted my head to my side, to see the broom stick that's been thrown besides me. This has been used to hit me multiple times by both my father and my mother, countless times have I received those blows without making a single noise since I have grown accustomed to it's sensation.

Without realizing, I developed a fear towards broom sticks, but I couldn't make myself to throw it away so that hopefully the beating woud stop, because I know that they'll use another hard object to hit me.

The room I was at was completely empty, aside from the dusty rag at the corner that serves as my bed and the broken mirror at the other side of the room that hasn't been cleaned. Outside the door, was my mother, cooking something for our lunch, or perhaps, their lunch. Since I know that they wouldn't feed me again this time.

Another tear trickled down my bruised cheeks as I tried to stand up on my 7 year old legs, small and also bruised. Dainted with the previous wounds I got and became awfuls scars that will never be erased from my skin.

I staggered towards the mirror, when I was in front of it, I caught sight of my reflection.

It was ugly.

My lip had an open cut and is bleeding, both my cheeks were swelling and bruised from the nonstop slaps and punches I received. My eyes can even barely open since it's also swelling and reddish. My clothes were dirtied, ripped and almost falling apart.

My whole body was not far from being a broken doll, an ugly doll.

I was only snapped from my trance when I heard loud drums and cheerings from outside the small window in my room. When I limped towards it to peek on what was happening outside, I saw various and huge floats, people were dressed in colorful costumes and were dancing while marching ahead.

I think I've seen one of these before, it's called a parade.

I wanted to see them upclose badly, but knowing my parents, they won't let me out or even glance outside this window.

But I wouldn't know If I'll get to see one again, so I wouldn't waste this opportunity. A few beatings from my mom won't make a difference since I'm already broken as it is.

Without wasting a single moment, I opened the small window and forced my way out with these half useless legs. Since my body is small and thin, I had no problem exiting trough and managed to land perfectly on the ground.

I didn't even spare a glance at my room before limping towards the parade which only a few meters away from home.

As I got nearer, I saw the people dressed in beautiful clothes were laughing and dancing with festive smiles, their faces were painted with different colors, the other people who was watching the parade was clapping and singing along with the music booming across the street and the sound of drums matched with my heartbeat.

I have never felt this excited seeing all these beautiful people, it made me think what it would be like if I myself was beautiful too. I

ied to get up, wires and cables refrained me from doing so. There was a needle attached to my wrist that connects itself to a transparent liquid above me, a mask that covered my mouth and my nose was giving off cool air for me to breath in and bandages was covering almost all of my body.

"Ah, you're finally awake." A well dressed man and a woman came through the door, smiling and was happy to see me.

"M. . . Mom. . . Dad." I remarked, glancing from side to side to look for them since I know I'll be in big trouble if I left the house.

Mom will definitely not feed me for a week if I'm not at home, and dad will probably give me another beating.

The two of them didn't answer and judt stared at me pitifully. The woman sat besides me and lightly caressed my face, almost shedding a tear from the sight of my injured state.

"Don't worry. You're fine now. I'll be your new mom, and this will be your new dad." She pointed at the man besides him, the two of them looked very beautiful that made my lips move on it's own.

"I. . . I want to be pretty." I said, without realizing that I was crying. They had the urge to hug me but refrained from doing so since I was badly injured, but they give me a reassuring smile.

"We'll make you very pretty, my dear." The man spoke in a soft voice before clearing his throat. "Well anyway, you should at least say thanks to the one who saved you." He smiled, and I was puzzled.

I was saved? Why would anyone save me?

The door of the room opened and the boy who I met at the parade came waltzing inside, studily glancing acrods the room first before standing besides me bed.

"Uhh. You're welcome." He said bluntly.

I was staring at him with wide, teary eyes before my stinging lips formed a smile.

"Thank you very much. . ." I ushered him to tell me his name so I can add it in my sentence.

"Just call me Joon." He shrugged, and I nodded.

"Thank you very much, Joon." I smiled.

"Well nice to meet you. . ." He ushered to me as well to tell him my name which I did shortly after I looked at both my new parents and then back at him.

"My name is. . . Fei."

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