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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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Gentle rain falls from the sky, murmuring softly as it touched the ground. It was an early February and the early hours of morning, it was the kind of beginning that seems utterly unique. Fussing people already crowded the sidewalk, headed to wherever they were going. One person, heedless of appearance, was just standing at the middle, letting the people pass through her while staring at the clouded sky with blank and mournful eyes. She watched droplets of rain fall on her outstretched palm, even soaking the sleeves on her uniform.

"Yebin!" She felt a hand, tapping her shoulder from behind. She spun around to see her classmate, obviously in a hurry from the sweats forming on her forehead. "Why are you leisurely standing over here? Let's go, we're gonna be late for class!"

Yebin didn't speak knowing that her classmate wouldn't listen to her and just let her grab her wrist, dragging her through the crowd. Eventually, they reached the school gates. And as always, Yebin felt uncanny from entering the building that she once escaped from. The whole establishment itself gives her a bad vibe, but as much as she want to leave and drop out of the school, she can't because of certain reasons.

They both reached their classroom, sweaty and a bit soaked from the rain. Yebin immediately went to her seat from sensing the teacher walking at the far end of the corridor, pulling out her notebook and began jotting down the homework she was supposed to finish last night. She finished all of it in an i

on, she was certain, that she was scared. . .

She realized that history is repeating itself.


Hello, NEEonPink here. I'm so happy you had the time to waste to finish this whole book, thank you very much you deserve an award for that. Anyway, I edited a few of the chapters. . . okay I'll be honest I edited the whole book and even altered the original plot and the personalities of the characters so that's why I spent the whole summer vacation locked in my room in front of a computer screen to finish editing, although there are still typos but please bare with it.

If you like this story please share it with your mom, friends, or your dog because I write for free and it wouldn't hurt to give this story a little recognition for all my sacrifices just for this story *sob* I don't have friends. . . or a dog* Please do vote and comment nice things, I spend half of my day reading your comments and I gotta say you guys are the most hilarious people on the internet I've met so far.


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