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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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The well -lit hallway melted away, revealing the once again dark and looming corridors, displaying the dead bodies on the ground, untouched and still rotting.

The students, as well as Seolri who were around me suddenly turned black with no definite shape and size--almost resembling the demonic shadows who were just chasing me in the corridor from back then-- and was blown away as if they were nothing more but just a puff of smoke.

"N-no. . ." I uttered, feeling all the despair and agony return from realizing I was back in this pit of hell once again.

"Teacher. . ." I heard Yebin's voice, I looked down on her to see her hand getting blown away as tepid air whooshed in, her eyes beaming red and all of her figure turned black and shadowy before completely disappearing from my sight.

I felt all the blood in my face drain as realization dawned on me that I was yet trapped in this place, with Yebin still missing.

"Oh how I enjoyed watching your hope turn to despair real quick from realizing that you're still stuck here with no chance of survival." I heard Yooma's threatening voice from somewhere afar.

I turned around immediately, but there was nothing to see except darkened halls and nothing else to smell but rotting bodies and rusty blood.

"What do you want from me?! Why are you playing tricks and games?! Just end this already!" I screamed, shifting from side to side and maniacally gripping on my hair out of spite.

"Oh my? You didn't know?" Yooma's face, as well as the upper part of her body appeared in front of me. The other half of her was nothing but just indefinite black smoke.

I stepped back, positioning my arms to block her away but before I could even do that, she disappeared with the air again. "What are you talking about?" I hissed, still trying to look for her presence in this darkened corridor.

"You. . . Didn't try to help Youngji, right?" Her voice suddenly turned demonic, as if two or more people were speaking inside her voice.

"I what?! I talked to her!" I retorted with a loud voice, earning a malicious laugh from her. Her voice seemed moving from this side to there, as if she was hovering around me. Then her laugh stopped as her full figure appeared just a meter away from me.

"You watched her suffer." She replied, putting her palm in front of my face before it glowed with a filtered red color.

My eyes was bathed with the glaring color and turned void, I wasn't in the corridor once again. But was in my office, sitting in front of me was Youngji, as well as my past self.

It was when her scandalous pictures were spread out across the campus and I took her in my office to talk. But what scared the hell out of me aside from the fact that I was back in this time scale, is that both my past self and Youngji was twitching in an odd, creepy way. Like when a game is glitching and the characters in the game were bugged, their head would twitch until it reached it their shoulders before returning back to it's normal position with immense speed, as if their head wasn't connected to their body anymore and kept going on and on.

"Don't worry Youngji, I won't let them bully you again." My voice sounded out, but with a hoarse voice, far from my normal one.

"I won't let the principal expel you." She continued speaking, making me realize that it was the same thing I said to Youngji when she was still alive. These are the words I said to her. . . but failed to do.

The next thing I know is that I'm inside the infirmary, where my past self went a few hours after that talk with Youngji. My past self was there lying on a bed, claiming a headache when all she really wanted was to sleep. It instantly made me know that when Yooma made me hallucinate about a normal day not a moment ago, it was the day when Youngji was still alive, since I went in the infirmary that day too. . . only witnessing how Irene poured acid on her wounded head.

"And I didn't do anything." I jumped from shock when my past self--still twitching oddly-- speak in yet another hoarse voice directly at me, interrupting my thoughts. The foolish woman I was a year ago, peeked through the white curtains as she watched Irene pouring the disinfectant at Youngji, not even stopping her despite knowing that it's acid. In fact, she even continued sleeping, with not a single care.

I realized how horrible I was, ignoring Youngji suffer by herself when I clearly said that I would help her. I even walked pass her when she was getting beaten up by Fei and the others that very same day. I remember that time, I even saw Yooma in one of the classroom. We made eye contact that moment, but I eventually turned away.

All I did was watch and pretend that I didn't see anything, I pretended that I didn't see her crying out for help, crying out to us. How she screamed in agony as she watch all the people she trusted walk pass her when she needed them. Nobody even glanced at her with concern nor sympathy. I always thought that people who ignored her was fools, but I didn't think I was a fool either.

That's right. . . I'm also an idiot for always going on with the flow and ignoring my student.

"You remembered now, alright." Yooma's ear piercing voice resounded, bringing me back to my horrible reality -- trapped in a pitch black school -- "And then you continued with your normal life, as if you erased her existence in your head and pretended that you are not at fault."

Her voice was echoing, and I couldn't pinpoint her exact location since the sound is coming from everywhere.

"It wasn't me. . . It was Fei and everyone else." I quipped, spinning my head around back and forth. I heard her make a scoffing sound, followed by a faint chuckle.

"You talk as if you're innocent. Sure, Fei had fun while doing the bullying with her insignificant acts, but you yourself is involved. Even though there's clearly someone who's suffered so much from the bullying, you just let them be even though you had the power to stop them."

"How about you?! You could also stop them! But you just watched them put Youngji in agony!" I retorted, stating out her mistakes which is also a contributing factor why Youngji took her life.

"I did watch, but I received my punishments already, no?" Even though I couldn't figure out where the voice is coming from, I know based from the tone of her voice that she was smiling.

"I died. . . I was murdered, that is an equivalent punishment for t

noticed Yebin pushing her way through them before arriving just in front of her, staring at the shard stuck on her heart.

"Take this girl back inside the vehicle, she'll---" The one holding the oxygen mask against Yooma's face jumped back, as well as everyone around after witnessing Yebin pushing the shard deeper into her chest.

She screamed in anger, tears flowing endlessly. It wasn't her at all to suddenly stab a person, but what drove her to this crazed state was after realization dawned upon her that her friends, as well as her beloved teacher is already dead.

It took them a while to pull Yebin away from Yooma, struggling to keep her steady but she was being violent at the moment, pushing and kicking anyone who grabbed her so they had no choice to put her to sleep.

"Get me a tranquilizer!" The one wearing a white coat ordered as the people behind him fuss around in search for the certain syringe.

"But sir. . . There may be side effects if we use it on a human." One of them retorted, watching Yebin get harshly pinned down by two men on the concrete ground.

"Just hand it to me." He quipped in a groaning voice. After getting the thing he needed, he walked towards Yebin who was being held. "Keep her steady." He stated.

"No! Let me go!" Yebin screamed, squirming around to bound from their grips but her tiny figure and excessive amount of energy lost, the people pinning her doesn't had any problems in suppressing her.

The man lightly tapped Yebin's wrist before injecting the sedative in her. The thin needle went through her flesh effortlessly, releasing an ample amount of liquid into her veins and reaching her nervous system. Slowly making her lose consciousness and falling into a rather calming sensation.

"N--no. . . Teacher. . ."She stammered before sleep fully consumed her, her stuggling wounded arms fell on the ground.

They all breathed out as Yebin was finally unconscious so they wouldn't have to deal with a kid throwing a fit, "Put her back inside the ambulance and make sure to keep an eye on her." The doctor ordered as the police officers carried her tiny body back to where she was at at the beginning.

"Sir, she's dead." A voice from behind the doctor sounded out before he spun around, seeing Yooma lying on the stretcher without any sign of life left in her. He walk to her direction and checked her pulse, ignoring what his assistant just said about her being dead. He didn't feel any heartbeat at all.

"Time of death, 11:45pm" He uttered right after glancing on his wrist watch. "Then I'll leave her body to you, I'll go check up on the little girl." He gestured his hands to his assistant standing besides him before spinning around to walk, glancing behind him one last time to see Yooma's body being taken away and people began to put her inside a black body bag.

He sighed before arriving at the certain ambulance where Yebin was quietly sleeping, a police officer standing on guard in front of the door noticed his presence so he bowed and left his spot, giving a path for him to enter.

He opened the door and entered, sitting besides the stretcher where Yebin was lying at. The steady and rhythmic rise and fall of her chest made the doctor sigh in relief, feeling a bit guilty right after he used a tranquilizer on her.

"I'm sorry little one." He run his fingers through her hair that covered her face, but stopped halfway as he noticed a black mark on her neck, almost glowing in a red color.

He paused for moment, before confusing himself whether it's okay to look at it or not. But in the end, he pushed all Yebin's hair behind out of curiosity, revealing an odd shaped mark on her neck. He poked the mark with his finger only to get it burnt from the excessive amount of heat it gives off, making him let out an abrupt short yelp but later on regaining his composure.

He stared cautiously on the weird mark, still cannot believe what his eyes was showing him. Slowly, the glowing mark disappeared and sunk deeper into Yebin's skin causing him to lean back until he slammed against the wall.

He know for sure that the mark was familiar to him, it was a mark very famous from it's origin. Trembling, he stared at Yebin with utter shock, his lips trembling before he finally spoke.

"A. . . A demon."

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