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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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Ah reum~

I fluttered my eyes open, only to be bombarded with the usual ungodly smell. It seems like I woke up in the same place where I lost my consciousness, inside the darkened classroom.

I sat up, rubbing my aching head as if I am extremely hangover. "Y-yebin? Seol ri?" I called out, shifting my head side to side although I couldn't see anything from the lack of light.

No one answered.

Seol Ri isn't here, neither is Yoo Ma. I began panicking at the thought of what could have happened to them, I stood up and frantically looked for the way out of this classroom but my foot was caught by something that caused me to crash against the porcelain floor

"Ugh..." I whimpered, slowly pulling myself up and rub my twisted foot from the impact.

I heard whimpering sounds from the object I just tripped over, instantly making me know who it was.

"Yebin!" I said, rushing over to her side. My hands searched for her small hands through the darkness so I can hold it.

She wasn't replying, only whimpering sounds were what her mouth was producing.

"Don't worry, I'll get you out of here." I quickly yet gently pulled her up, and positioned myself to carry her on my back.

When I tried to stand up, my knees trembled. I began losing the remaining energy I had left. Since we've been stuck in this hell hole, we didn't get a chance to eat or drink. My hunger and the desire to drink water is only making my condition worse, and for the fact that my foot is slightly twisted.

But throwing all my complaints aside, I must save Yebin first before myself.

She's too young for this, only 7 years old, only a girl with many things to achieve in life. . . compared to me.

"I'm not letting you die..." I bit my lips, limping towards the corridors with her weight slowing me down.


After a while of nonstop walking in a hallway filled with dead people, I couldn't find Seolri, nor Yooma. Everything seemed to be eerily quiet, which only made me suspicious on to how the killing spree suddenly subsided without a fight.

I glanced over the window, but there's nothing to be seen. Although the rain had stopped, the sound of the howling winds can still be heard.

How many hours have we been here exactly? And why is no one coming to our rescue when the storm already stopped. Surely, even though Yooma disposed the cops in advance, I'm sure there are still other rescuers.

If we can just walk out of this building then we'll be able to escape and go to the streets where a lot of people is, or anywhere just not in this dreadful place. But I can't leave now, not without Seolri, but Yebin needs medical help. Even though I can't see her full state, I know she's going through a lot of pain.

The sound of my rumbling stomach echoed throughout the s

my head, sending adrenaline rush through my veins and making me regain my self before the thought of me dying miserably consumes my mind.

I tried sitting up, but my stinging shoulder hindered me. "Ugh. . ." I wheezed, feeling tears falling from my eyes and landing on my blood stained skirt. "I. . .I can't." I whimpered, particularly to no one as my voice echoed throughout the ominous corridors. I slowly closed my eyes, wheezing and yelping as I felt all the life in my body draining.

I don't even know if Yebin is still alive or is already dead like everyone here, we are already destined to die anyway. . . So what's the point?

Dying is the best option.

"Stand up. . ." I suddenly sensed a presence in front of me. Until just a moment ago, this hallway had no signs of life in it, but now I could feel someone standing directly ahead of me. Standing and looking down at me.

Opening my eyes slowly, raising my head to look up. I saw a white, slender ankle in front of me. Shocked, I shot my head up. Standing before me was Youngji.

"Y. . .Yo. . . Youngji?" I stammered, crawling back as I felt a dreadful aura coming from her.

She didn't reply nor speak, she just stared at me before crouching down.

"W-what are you doing?" I asked, watching her close her eyes before moving towards me until her fading figure completely merged together with mine. She just entered my body, and for some reasons, I can feel my strenght return to me. The agonizing sensation of dying disappeared, along with both the pain from my stinging shoulder and my hunger.

"Her heart. . ." I can hear her soft voice speaking in my mind, I stood up and grabbed the shard I used to stab the fake Yebin a while ago.

"What about her heart?" I asked, continuing my journey inside the pitch black to school.

"Her weakness. . . Stab her in the heart"

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