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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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Ah reum~

My body shuddered, telling me that I will be sent to another scene that happened in Yooma's life, I ended up in a different place with a different atmosphere from before.

It was in an abandoned warehouse, and I saw those guys who Yoo ma a while ago.

A total of 12 guys...

"Fei should not know about this or else we won't get our money" a guy said pacing back and fourth rapidly.

"Don't worry, she'll never know"

"Hey! Im gonna-" he got interrupted as the huge door bursted wide open to see a soaked girl in the rain.

"Hey there little girl" a guy walked near to that girl "Its cold outside, why dont you come in and play for a while" the guy touched the girl's shoulder

"Why are you so freezing cold? Are you already dead or something?" He jokingly said, patting the girl's shoulder but he didn't hear any response from the girl.

He took a closer look at the girl's face and plastered on his face was a shocked expression.

"Aren't you the girl a while ago?" He stuttered, taking a step away. "Yooma?"

"What are you talking about?" Another guy wa

part of this world and can pass through anything.

I saw Yooma talking to herself in front of a mirror, her eyes glaring daggers and tears falling.

"Don't worry Youngji" She mumbled, gripping in her hands a picture of them together, Yoo ma and Young ji. Written behind the photograph is

"Together, Forever"

"I'll avenge your death, They will suffer just the way we did" she looked at her hands, emitting a vague red light.

"With this power, I can easily avenge your death."

I stared at her, horrified by her every actions. She was just a normal student back then, a responsible student who aced all the exams and is everyone's favorite student.

But she changed because of how cruel the society works.

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