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Ah reum~

(The teacher from chapter 3)

We wandered through the decaying building cautiously since this whole place is filled with dead bodies. Visually, this whole thing just seemed like a set-up for a cursed seance or something. It was kind of scary, and I wasn't the only one who thought so...

"Ms. Ah reum, I'm scared." Yebin mumbled from speaking against her teddy bear she always brings, as she tug my sleeve to grab my attention. "I want to see mama, I want to go home"

Yebin, is a pre school student who I take care of and tutor. Basically its my fault that a mere child is involved in this killing frenzy since I brought her here with me, when she's supposed to be at her home.

"I know Yebin." I kneeled down to reach her height "But I'm afraid we can't do that, there's still a storm." I tried to comfort her but I can sense that she's about to cry again.

"Don't worry Yebin." Seol Ri added, one of my students who managed to escape from her own classroom where a certain person began killing people. "We'll get home, we just need to wait for the cops to arrive." Even though can't see her face in this dark corridors, I know that she's flashing a smile right now to reassure Yebin.

We're lucky that we're still alive, when we went on the teacher's office to find something useful, all of the teachers there are already dead, with a large empty part of their head as if someone smashed it with full force to end their lives quickly.

All of the students were also dead, laying in the corridors with also large chunky wound on their heads.

No one made it, except for us. Well, that's what I think since the whole school is eerily quiet with no sign of other people.

As we were walking in the hallway looking for survivors, We heard a faint scream of a boy just across the hallway.

"Someone needs help" Yebin whispered, we quietly walked towards the sound of that but Seol ri suddenly covered me and Yebin's mouth before pulling us away from the hall and hiding in one of the classroom as we heard a sound of dragging.

We all peeked through the small gap on the door and saw a shadow dragging a body of a boy, leaving a lot of entrails behind with his blood.

We couldn't give out the definite appearance of whoever is dragging that boy since its dark, all I know is we have to save that kid.

"Seol ri, take Yebin with you and hide somewhere safe." I said, standing up from our crouched position.

"What? You shouldn't follow them, that guy is already dead you can't do anything about it." Seol ri whispered, pulling me back down.

"But what are we supposed to do? We can't just let that person escape, we might be able to stop all this if we catch that person." I suggested, Yebin was at the background watching us argue.

"Stop what? Everyone is already dead, what's the point? We should focus on what's important here and that is to survive, we should wait for the storm to stop and then we could run for it." She exclaimed, still maintaining her quiet voice to avoid attention.

"Okay... you're right, we should go now." As the words slipped out of my mouth, the loud thunderstorms and the pit-a-pat of the rain on the roof suddenly subsided, as if the storm suddenly stopped.

"Teacher... The storm is gone." Yebin ran towards the windows and stepped on one of the chairs to reach and peek outside. She then turned around and faces us, showing a bright smile. "We can go home now."

"That's right Yebin, you'll see your mom and dad now." I walked to her and gently patted her head, but Seol ri immediately interjected with my statement.

"We can't mindlessly leave this school without a plan, we might encounter the killer while we try to head for the exit. And even if we managed to leave, there's no way in hell that the killer won't see us from somewhere through the windows and chase us down before we could even reach the gates." She said with her arms crossed, destroying our tiny bit of hope.

"So... what should we do then?" I asked, helping Yebin jump off the chair she's on.

"Well... I have an idea but it's too risky, so we have only one option and that is to wait furthermore. If we saw the killer leave the school, then we should leave also." She stated, putting her hands over her chin as if she's thinking really hard.

"What? So were supposed to sit our

oping to see Yoo ma's dead body stuck somewhere.

And my assumptions were right, I saw her laying on the ground just besides the water. Her body was turning pale and purple-ish and I can see her veins appearing all over her body as if there wasn't any blood left in her.

I walked over to her direction and tried to pull her in a stable place but its no use.

I can't touch anything. My hands were just passing through everything as if to tell me that I can't do anything about the past anymore.

I'm just here to witness how everything changed Yooma, how the world turned their back against her and Youngji.

What should I do? Is there any way to alter this so the future will be different?

As I was contemplating a plan to change the inevitable future, a huge black shadow began to slowly appear in front of Yoo ma's dead body until it became definite for me to see.

It almost looked like a demon, based on the various bible I read. With it's red glowing eyes staring in your soul as if your just a mere prey to him.

The shadow began to speak with a hoarse voice, almost shaking the whole ground.

"You shall be brought to life once more, For it is not time for your Death."

The shadow seemed like a nightmare. Those red glowing eyes and those voluptuous mouth, which it made one shudder to see.

A black hovering shadow escaped from the original shadow, entering Yoo ma's body through her mouth.

Her whole body returned back to her former skin color, and I noticed that it almost looked like her soul was brought back.

She opened her eyes that is glowing red, blinking a few times before it slowly turned back to normal.

She slowly sat up, scanned the whole place before noticing the presence of the nightmare in front of her.

"What's happening? Why am I alive?" She asked, her voice seems joyful knowing that she's alive again.

"It is out of the lore and experience of the ancients and of all those who are filled with anger and hatred will omit the powers of the undead. When they become such, there comes with the change the curse of immortality, they can not die, but must go on age after age adding new victims and multiplying the evils of the world. You must present me the lives of the mere humans you hated and in exchange for your new life as a demon, go forth and take your revenge"

"Did you say immortal?" Yooma asked, her eyes beaming red with excitement.

"Yes." It answered back. "The lifespan of a human is too short, It is less worth than the dust on the street. If you have the courage to break the hourglass of time, which is the time given to you, and you dedicate yourself to me, in return, I will reward you with great a power. This power that will never vanish is immortality."

The shadow glowed bright red before it vanished into thin air, Leaving behind a newly born demon.




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