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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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I am now inside the security room trying to find Yooma through all the cameras, I have to warn her about 'Young Ji' at least.

While searching, I saw her at one of the cameras which is at the 2nd floor of the school. I immediately grabbed the broken pipe that I found at the locker room to at least defend myself and went outside, carrying my phone with me.

I tried to walk quietly as possible but I kept on accidentally stepping on the dead bodies making a 'Squish Squish' sound.

"Ugh... gotta buy new shoes after this." I whispered to myself as I skipped through bodies from bodies.


I heard a sound as I felt myself bump into someone, I opened my eyes while rubbing my face and saw Fei.

"Fei, where have you been? Jina went looking for you." I asked, grabbing both her shoulders.

She doesn't looked like herself anymore and just kept staring blankly at me.

"Fei? What's wrong?" I asked, and she suddenly erupted into crying.

"K-kelly... She jumped from the window." She sobbed, covering her face with her palms.

"H-hey. Stop crying, nothing will be solved if you cry." I awkwardly said, not entirely sure how to comfort a crying person who just witnessed so many death.

I patted her back, refraining myself from speaking since I know I wouldn't help with my rude way of speaking.

From a far distance, I can hear a sound of footsteps walking aimlessly at the dark part of the hallway.

"Hey, Fei. I know you're sad and all but we have to go." I stated, gripping on to the metal pipe and trying to drag her from that place.

Fei just sobbed, determined to get left behind since she won't move a muscle from her spot.

"Fei, let's go." I pulled more but she was resisting.

"No, I don't want to go anymore. Leave me behind if you want." She yanked my hand, and violently pushed me away from her.

"My God you're annoying." I whispered, cursing under my breath. "I hate to ruin your mood but apparently the killer is like 10 meters away from us and is walking to our direction. You can mourn all you want when we get out of here but now we have to go. As in now." I said grabbing her hand and pulling her but still wont budge.

"Alright, you know what. Go ahead and die. Hey killer, this girl right here wants to die so you can go ahead and kill her while I make a run for it." I waved at the s

person who just hit Yooma.

Revealing a girl, wearing the same uniform as us but her body is completely pale as if she just came out from a fridge, her lips bluish and her wrist covered in wounds.

She almost looked like she's suffered a lot of painful events that made her look like this.

She stared at me before looking back at Yooma who was wheezing and slowly trying to stand up, then she looked back at me with eyed filled with sympathy.


She uttered under her breath, giving me a small smile.

My mind was in a whirl of confusion on why this girl-- I'm guessing this is Young Ji-- is telling me to run away.

I can't possibly leave Yooma behind but if this ghost is telling me to run then I should run, or it'll get angry for not obeying what it said.

So turning my body away, I began preparing to run.

But as soon as I take a hopeful step away from that ghost, I felt myself falling downwards as my head received a strong blow from something hard.

"He-help me..." I got cut off as I felt another strong painful sensation forming on my head.

I felt my body become numb as I lay on the cold ground while blood streaming down my head. I tried to force myself to stand up but I was pushed back on the ground by a single foot.

I don't know if my vision is beginning to blur or swirl because it's dark, all I know is that I'm slowly losing my consciousness.

"Well then, let's end this quickly."

I heard her saying a few more words before I felt another smashing sound on my head.




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