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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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Fei and I were resting in the locker room for girls after a horrible experience. We witnessed Irene got killed, we saw dead bodies scattered everywhere, we are trapped in a pitch black school with a killer roaming around, and my best friend Hye Mi just died right before our eyes without any explanations why she just died like that.

Her body was covered in wounds, cuts and rope marks on her skin so I'm guessing that she was tied down while being tortured. When we saw her, she was limping and staggering just to reach us, only to hand over a useless textbook.

But what heartless creature would do that to her? She just learned that her parents were at the hospital and in a critical state and now she died without even seeing them for the last time. It hurts just thinking about her situation, but thinking about it carefully, we are also in the same situation. A mad murderer killing whoever is unlucky enough to get seen. So I made the right choice to follow Fei since she knows the greatest place to hide, she usually goes here when she skips class and nobody ever finds her. I just hope whoever is causing this horrible thing doesn't find us here.

I was shaking in the corner as I dial my dad's number, hoping that he would pick up and take me home from here but he's not answering his phone. Don't tell me he too...

"Can you not shake like that? You're making me uncomfortbale with your pitiful look." Fei mumbled while pulling a cigarette from her pocket and lighting it with her lighter.

She exhaled the white smokes from her mouth and it went to my direction, I coughed out when I inhaled it, not completely sure how she can be calm out of all this.

"What? Don't act as if you never smoke" She glared at me, exhaling another puff of smoke up in the air.

"This is not the time to smoke!" I yelled at her, a hint of panic in my tone as I pace back and forth while clinging on to my phone.

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes and continued smoking. "Damn I lost my phone back in the hallway."

"Where'd you lost it?" I asked, looking outside the window to see complete darkness.

"I don't have any idea, it just slipped off my pocket. . . Maybe at the corridor just near the infirmary, I bumped into a locker that time." She answered, still occupied by smoking.

I looked at her with weary eyes before saying "Should we be going now?"

"You're telling me, that we should go out in the open and let ourselves get found and die?" She leaned on the long bench and positions herself as if she was getting ready to sleep.

"I'm scared, what if it really was Young ji, taking us out one by one? The textbook that Hye Mi gave us... I remember it from somewhere but it's indefinite. Why did she used all her strenght just to give us that?" I asked, and she replied with just another puff of smoke embracing my face.

"Don't mention Young Ji's name again" She said and continued to relax, "That textbook that she left is probably nothing."

"But she used all her remaining strength to show it to us... it should mean something right?" I asked but she wasn't listening to me at all. "And why did you left it back in that hallway? We should've searched what's inside that."

"Will you shut up and let me smoke in peace? God, you're annoying. I should've left you there." She exclaimed, throwing the cigarette at me. "If you don't want me to throw you out then shut your mouth."

I calmed myself down so I wont annoy Fei, but the past images still haunts my mind. Irene, Hye Mi and a few other students are now dead and I just can't keep calm after that.


I was finally feeling calm and relaxed after a few minutes, not until we heard someone banging at the door as if whoever is outside wants to break the door in half.

"What the-" Fei said as she stood up and grabbed the long metal pipe besides her.

"W-who's there?" I stuttered and somehow, the banging stopped.

I slowly walked towards the door, checking if its still there by peeking through the keyhole but I saw nothing but darkness.

I walked back at my spot and sat again in the corner, hugging myself trying to make myself warm.

But as soon as I closed my eyes in relief.

The banging sound continued that made me and Fei jolt up.

p but to notice something really weird." He added, taking our attention. "The other students died because of severe bleeding caused by a wound at the head" He explained, staring at us. "While all of our classmates died because they're tortured to death."

"What kind of torture?" Fei asked as she peek outside the door, I don't know what she's trying to do but she constantly checks the door each minute.

"I saw them with a lot of bruises and cuts, mostly at their wrist and thighs, and lastly... They died because of a strong blow at their head. Maybe the weapon used is a pipe or something else" He stated making me feel nauseous, how can he know that kind of detail? Did he even went and examined the body, like yuck?

Fei's jaw dropped as she heard his statement, well of course since its familiar to our ears.

"Thats how Young ji died." I whispered making him look at me, confused. "And she got that wound in the head from falling off the stairs."

"How did you know?" He asked in a firm tone but Fei is signalling me from behind him to not tell him about it.

"Nevermind" I rubbed my neck awkwardly, avoiding eye contact.

"Okay, as I was saying... I think its not Young Ji" He said which made us more shocked.

"W-what? Impossible. She'll do anything just to get her revenge!" Fei yelled, walking back in front of us.

"No... think about it" He said "The cameras always break everytime a murder occurrs."

"That's right." I added, explaining a bit more so Fei would understand. "The killer already know where the cameras are located and how to break it, if it's Young Ji then she wouldn't know because the cameras are only attached there just last month."

"So the killer is one of us huh." Fei crossed her arms. "You do know that its not me right?" She laughed awkwardly.

We just looked at each other's faces before sighing.

"I dont know" I muttered. I've been with Fei for the past few minutes so I'm sure it wasn't her but Minho? He said he was in the security room ever since then, watching everyone through the cameras.

"Isn't it Hana who just killed Irene?" I asked and he shrugged his shoulders while nodding his head in agreement.

"I found her body on my way here, has a big hole on her chest, probably got stabbed." He sure knows what's the causes of death huh. Is he some kind of a CIA agent?

"What should we do now?" Fei asked, biting on to her nails as she sat back on the bench after standing for a long time.

"I don't know" Min ho replied. "But I do know this." He added "If you still want to survive until tomorrow, never trust anyone except yourself"

I'll follow his advice to be able to live and see the Sun tomorrow. I just hope that it really is Young ji, I don't wanna think that one of us would actually do such a thing.




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