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Entering through the school gates with a groan, I lazily pushed myself to walk towards another day being surrounded by credulous idiots. The darkness in the sky is rolling in and rain threatened to fall, February is always cold so I never liked it.

After I entered and reached the corridors of the building, I immediately noticed that the credulous idiots I was talking about were constantly looking at a piece of paper. Looking closely to it, I realized that it was a photo but I am not interested in any way to meddle with the stupid childplay they're doing.

"I knew it. She's a slut." I heard a student saying in disgust as I walk pass her, I glanced at her from behind my shoulder. Seeing that she's also carrying and looking at the same photo everyone is holding.

Studying the surroundings, I realized that almost everyone was holding that photo and staring at it with either disgust or mockery, laughing together with the group they're in.

"Yooma!" I heard a familiar voice called me, interrupting me from observing everyone.

I looked infront to see a girl walking to my direction. "Irene." I mumbled, as she stopped.

"Miss Ah reum was looking for you in the student council office." She said with her thin smile, giving off a nice vibe.

But I'm not a fool.

I know how gross her real personality is, I know she's also bullying Youngji in the shadows. Pretending to be a teacher's pet to gain everyone's trust.

I nodded in response, continuing to walk in an impatient manner since I want to leave that area festered by idiots.

"Ah and by the way." She stopped me, I turned around to see her usual smile turn into a mocking smirk. "Have you seen those photos? Youngji looked like she had a lot of fun."

"What are you talking about?" I raised an eyebrow, and she chuckled at my reaction begining to walk away.

"Why don't you see for yourself." She mumbled before disappearing amidst the crowd.

Intrigued, I looked to my side to see a guy also holding a photo and was holding his phone above it, taking a picture.

Without warning, I snatched the photo from his hands earning a startled noise from him.

"Hey!" He lifted his pissed off eyes to meet mine, only to be taken aback as he saw who I am. "Y-yooma." He said, cowering. His gaze wavering at the thought of the most outstanding student in the whole campus is standing in front of him.

"Piss off." I scoffed, he immediately turned, quickly scurrying to create a large distance from me.

After watching him scamper away, I looked down at the photo. Only to find myself shocked by the pervese contents.

"Youngji?" I stammered, wondering how Youngji ended up in a scandal. Who could have done this to her?

Realizing that the photo in my hands is also in the hands of almost everyone in the school made my eyes widen in panic.

If Youngji sees this she will surely break down, she's too fragile and sensitive. What's worse is that everyone at school saw this picture and is now planning a way to make fun of her the moment s

ening her grip on me almost snapping my neck in half.

Even though I was currently fighting for life and death, trying to push her off me. I caught a glimpse of her face hidden under her long messy hair.

She was crying, her cold tears falling on my dry cheeks. Watching me whimper and gasp for air with eyes filled with sympathy and regret. As if she wasn't entirely happy about strangling her former bestfriend to death.

"Yo-youngji." I stammered, "Let... let me go!" mustering all my remaining strenght and pushing her off me.

I managed to push her to my side, immediately standing up and running away a few meters before looking back at her.

She wasn't there anymore...

She disappeared.

An empty dimmed hallway was left. Complete silence occured, aside from the constant thunders and lightnings the sky is making, all I can hear is my unsteady breathing and whimpering voice.

"N-no..." I fell on my knees, holding my head in pain as the menacing voices kept haunting me.

"She hates you."

"She's the same as everyone."

"Dispose of her before she kills you."

"She never really was your friend."

"Make her leave."

"No! I can't!" I screeched, my eyes darting from side to side, looking for the source of the voice but there wasn't anyone here with me.

From the corner of my eyes, I can see shadows following me but whenever I turn around they would disappear in thin air as if this whole thing made me hallucinating.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled, standing up and began sprinting away from the specific area.

"Kill her."

"Kill her."

"She's not your friend."

"They're all the same."

The voices followed me, whispering in my ears almost all the time. Telling me what to do and what not to do, telling me to kill Youngji.

But I won't do that, I won't bend to their will. I'm not gonna become a mere vessel by these voices to do what they want, I'm not the type to get controlled by these entities.

Whatever happens, I am still her friend.

I am Youngji's friend.

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