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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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Hye mi's POV

Having just witnessed a lightning ripping our classroom apart and slaughtered a few of my classmates, I am 100% determined to get the hell out of this place.

I quickly ran outside plowing through the other students blocking my way, I don't care about them, I just want to save myself and leave this place already.

"Phew!" I panted as I reached the hallway, placing my hands over my knees breathing as hard as I can to minimize the rush of adrenaline in my veins.

We are all finally outside, some ran away as far from here and some sat down leaning on the wall. Well of course except for Yoo ma who was stupidly staring on thin air. She just stood there, walking slowly towards the cliff.

My eyes were glued at her in disbelief, why would she walk towards a cliff? Is she crazy? I don't want to see another one die, what is she trying to do now?

Well, good thing the loser in our class "Min ho" grabbed her arm and dragged her outside with us in the hallway. I shifted my attention to everyone who is currently crying their eyes out. Their crying voice is battling against the loud sounds of thunders and lightning that it was deafening to my ears.

So I decided to go to the infirmary so I can rest on one of those comfy beds but going there alone isn't a good idea so I dragged a random girl with me, I don't know her name thou, I don't waste my time remembering some useless people but since I don't want to be alone, I brought her with me.


We are walking in the dark hallway with our arms attached to each other, even though I barely talk to her in class. If I remember correctly, her name is Lia.

"Kyaaa!" She squealed, tripping over something and falling on to the floor. I heard some splashing sounds as she landed, almost as if she fell on a puddle of water.

"What are you doing?" I crossed my arms as I look at her silhouette, helplessly trying to stand up again.

"I think I just tripped over something gooey." She mumbled, trailing behind me. We were walking through the slippery hallway, I felt my shoes suddenly became wet since we've been walking through this flooded path.

Did the water pipes broke? Or some idiot just poured nasty liquids here for fun.

My eyes were studying the dark, I must be attentive to make it to the clinic without stumbling and tripping over some random things on the ground just like Lia.

"Hurry up, I want to rest already." I pulled out my phone as we continue walking, It's more convenient if I use my phone as a flashlight since it's completely dark in this hallway.

"We should've stayed with them" She stuttered, while I was busy tapping on my phone, looking for the flashlight application.

As I opened the flashlight, and point it in front of me. I can already see the infirmary door, so I don't need Lia with me anymore.

"We're here, why don't you go back and---" My sentence got cut off as I aimed the light at her, seeing her uniform covered in blood and some gushy bits I stumbled. My feet tangling with each other causing me to fall and land on the wet floor.

"Wha... What?" I stuttered, still staring at Lia who obviously looked clueless on why I'm being like this.

"What's wrong?" She asked, stretching her hand to me to help me stand up, but she saw her sleeves soaked in red liquid causing her to step back.

My flashlight still focused on her, my hands trembling and losing its strength to even hold my phone. My gaze shifted down as I felt my clothes also getting wet,

of the teacher from a while ago was lying in an uncomfortable position, it seems like his head was decapitated and his bones were broken and sticking to different sides, he almost look like a sea urchin with his bones everywhere.

I quickly went to the other way and limped towards the stairway to the upper floor. I don't know where I'm going, but I need to find someone to tell them who the killer was so they can plan a way to outsmart that culprit, I know I'm gonna die for losing so many blood, but I'm not letting myself die in vain.

At least before I die, I want to become useful to other people. I should warn them of what to come.

Finally, after limping for like a minute. I saw everyone walking at the hallway. I limped faster and it seems like they noticed my presence and ran to my direction.

"Oh my god! Hye mi!" Fei caught me in her arms before I land on the ground. She stroke my head while Jina rip her uniform and wrap it around my bleeding wrists and thighs to stop the severe bleeding.

"J-jina... Fei..." I stuttered, but they seem to be panicking over my situation that they're not focusing on my words.

I grabbed Fei's collar to grab her attention instead of panicking and opened my mouth to speak.

I wheezed and panted, but the words won't come out of my mouth anymore as soon as I try to form them. Something caught itself in my throat making me choke on my words, I found myself unable to breathe and doubled over in a fit.

"Stop it Hye mi, don't waste your remaining energy on speaking" Jina cried, I looked at her eyes and it seems like they're convinced that I'll die here.

I don't have enough blood in my body anymore, I'm beginning to get weak and numb. I can't even open my eyes anymore so I just remained still, accepting the fact that I'm gonna die in less than a second.

My memories from when I was born up until now, flashes in front of me like a photo album. I was beginning to see the blinding light in my eyes, and I can feel my body become weightless.

But before I leave these world, I want to leave something for my friends that'll help them escape here. Using my last drop of life, I pulled out something from my blood stained pocket and gave it to Fei's hand.

A textbook...


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