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   Chapter 7 NO.7

Revenge of a Dead Girl By NEEonPink Characters: 4985

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Someone pulled me by the wrist, dragging me away from the standing figure leaving her outstretched hand hanging. I shifted my head to see that Minho was the one pulling me.

"Hey!" I yanked my hand as we managed to exit the room and reached the hallway where everyone is at right now. "Why did you dragged me here?" I asked, and he looked at me with a serious look as if I just asked the most stupid question ever.

"Well it's common sense to save a person who was about to walk into a cliff." He crossed his arms, eyeing me to look back inside the classroom which I did and made my jaw drop in the spontaneous change in our classroom.

Half of the wall is gone, and the strong pitter patter of the rain washed the scattered blood on the floor, there were desks burning from the lightning just now and is still isn't extinguished even though it's raining. If Minho didn't pulled me out of there, I would have been dead right now for falling off the edge.

But why did Young Ji held out her hand for me in that spot? Was she trying to make me fall off? I knew it... She's mad at me.

"It's kinda stupid to stay here with everyone else." Minho suddenly said, again pulling my wrist and walking off away from the students who were traumatized by the event just now and was cowering on the wet ground. "And you're hurt. We should treat that wound before it gets worse." He mumbled, pointing at my bleeding arm.

"Ahh. I'm fine." I mumbled but he wasn't listening and kept walking. Even th

It's fun to play with you."

As those sadistically playful words escaped from her mouth, she pushed the shard with full force on to Irene's chest. Crimson colors splashed everywhere, bathing the whole place with a rustic smell of fresh blood.

I wasn't moving from my place, standing frozen because of the scene I just witnessed. I don't know what I should do next, but my legs know what they had to do and began running away from them.

As soon as I reached the end of the hallway and was about to climb the stair up to the 3rd floor, I looked back at them. Another lightning occurred, veiling the hallway with a faint light for a second.

I saw Hana, positioning the shard in front of her. The sharp point was facing her as she hold it with both her hands before piercing it deep into her chest.

After Hana's body slumped on the floor, joining the other two dead bodies on the ground. I knew for sure... I knew that this is gonna be a horrible night for me and for everyone else.

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