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Yoo ma's POV

It was that very moment that I regretted everything I have done, I lost my one true friend because of my childishness. A year already passed but I couldn't forget about her, how she asked for my help, how she cried, how she suffered.

"Yoo ma, wake up. You're gonna be late for school." I heard my dad's voice downstairs, snapping me from my trance.

I stood up from my bed, leaning over my dresser, I looked closely at my reflection in the mirror. Seeing that my eyes were dead inside, I looked away and began preparing for school.

"Dad, I baked cupcakes for you and your coworkers, its in the fridge." I said as I walk pass them and went through the front door.

"Ah thanks, I'll make sure to give it to them!" I heard him yell from inside, and I continued walking without stopping.

I can see some students that were also on their way to school, but I turned around and walked to the other direction, plucking a white rose from someone else's garden as I walk pass it and soon reached the cemetery.

I searched for her, and saw the words Park Young Ji engraved on the stone. Placing the white rose on top of it, I stood quietly.

"Sorry." I mumbled, closing my eyes before walking away.

When I reached the gate of the school, the same scene was unfolding before my eyes as I continue to stride forward. I walked pass students from the soccer club who were jogging around the school grounds since its their morning practice, I passed through the hallway with a few group of students chatting besides the locker, some of them greeting me with respect. When I finally reached my destination, which is the student council room, I slid the door open to see Miss Ahreum quietly writing down a few notes on the board for us to see later, but since I was way too early I saw it before everyone else. It says "If you're exhausted from paper works feel free to join me for tea later this afternoon." with random doodles around the it.

"Miss Ahreum, good morning." I cleared my throat to let her now that I was here, since she was too occupied in doodling that she didn't heard the door sliding open. She made a startled noise and immediately turned around to face me with a shy grin.

"Yooma, you're early as always. It must be tough to be the president." She pulled out a chair from the long rectangular table at the middle where we conduct our meeting and put it closer to the board so she can continue doodling while sitting down.

"I can manage." I remarked as I sat on the chair located next to the very edge of the table and took out my folders and a pen. I started jotting down a few notes about the students activity, I saw the soccer club practicing so I wrote it down for status report later.

My mind becomes automatically functioning whenever I do my work in the student council, my pen was furiously moving on its own and my eyes were darting from here and there. The strokes of my pen were rather fierce and rattling, it was as if I was just messily doodling on the paper and filling it with black ink.

When I snapped out of my automatic trance, I looked down on the paper, It was only then that I realized that I was actually filling the whole paper with black ink. I doodled a rather ominous creature on it, it was shaped like a hideous person but at the same time it looked like it has no definite shape since it was like a floating shadow. The creature has no facial features except for two round and extremely blank eyes. I sighed and excused myself from the room, trying to clear my mind.

For some unfortunate events, I happen to be in the same class with those people who made fun of Young Ji. Fei, Irene, Joon and everyone else. It's like God is trying to see what I would do to them, but I am too self centered to even waste a breath to speak to those people.

Their chaotic and noisy scenario never change. They were all talking to their own circle of friends, others were teasing someone who happens to be their new target and some were even plotting to pour a bucket of water on the teacher today.

"How foolish..." I said under my breath as I calmly walk through them and head for my seat.

I sat quietly, putting my bag under the desk and pulling out the textbook I've been reading. Flipping through the pages, I tried to block out all the noises they're making and was about to read the paragraphs in the book but someone yelled, taking my attention.

"Oh! That's right! It's Young ji's DeathDay!" Fei reminded everyone, clapping her hands as she look around trying to see their reactions but everyone looked clueless at her statement.

"Young Ji?"

"Who's that?"

"Never heard of her."

Everyone was showering Fei with questions, they seriously forgot about her. I predicted that already, but why do I feel like they're disrespecting her.

"Gosh! You forgot? She's the one who miserably took away her life in the restroom. How idiotic of her." She answered, giggling and everyone remembered her.

"Oh yeah! I remember now, she's one of my ex girlfriends" Joon interjected, snapping her fingers at the memory he had with Young Ji.

Seriously, I'm pissed right now. This pathetic people should shut their mouth.

"Can you all please quiet down? I'm trying to read here." I abruptly stood up from my seat and yelled in a somewhat harsh tone.

"Ah, I remembered that you were her best friend." Hyemi butted in, staring at me with eyes like she's evaluating my whole appearance. "The best friend who didn't try to help her." She added, even making me angrier.

"Well aren't you a shitty little twat trying to provoke me." I crossed my arms, staring at everyone with a death glare. "You can all go fuck yourselves and celebrate Young Ji's deathday since you all sons of bitches like making fun of people." They all stepped back at my sudden vulgar language, because they know that I am always silent and sticks my nose on books.

"Hey, you curse too much." Fei tried to main

tly kicked her chest, stepping on her stomach to restrain Irene.

Everyone around them backed away instead of stopping them, they even managed to pull out their phones and film Irene's miserable state right now.

"I've always wanted to do that!" Hana yelled in a somewhat different and cheerful tone, and this time, putting her hands around Irene's neck and choking her to death.

"Stop it! Both of you!" The teacher seperates them using both his hands.

"Hana!" He looked at her, and yelled "You're the class president! What are you trying to do?!"

"Oh dear, the class president hurting an innocent student. This one's a juicy story." Joon chuckled, everyone agreeing as they continue filming.

How foolish of them, they have nothing else to do but just make fun of others.

That's what everyone here do anyway, they want to hear and spread nasty rumors to make the person involved, suffer. They want to trample and step on them just for fun, watching them take their own lives is like their only hobby.

If you step in front and try to protect the people who were being bullied you'll be added on their list and will also be bullied and it will never end, its either remain being bullied for the rest of your school year or just commit suicide. Simple as that.

Funny that even the teachers encourage bullying because they believe that it will serve as a motivation to study hard or something, more like a motivation to commit suicide.

That's why everyone feigned ignorance on how this school works, everyone acted like nothing ever happened. Like nobody died because of them.

"If this storm is over, you two are going to have a long fine talk with me in the principal's offi-"The teacher got interrupted by a loud thunder which made us all cower and cover our ears by it's loudness.

"The storm is getting strong!" Joon yelled, looking outside the window to see nothing but just black, like we're not looking through a window anymore and just staring at a wall painted with black colors.

"No shit Sherlock!" Another student managed to yell a pun, despite the panicking state of everyone.

"Stay calm everyone" The teacher tried to calm us again, but no one is listening to him speak.

"Nobody's gonna listen to an old hag like you!" Fei yelled, cowering under her desk.

"Why you-" The teacher looked pissed but his sentence got cut off by a loud lightning that hit perfectly at our classroom, causing everyone to ran out the room. Pushing each other and even stepping on the one's who tripped and landed on the floor just so they're not harmed.



They screamed, still making their way out of the doorway which is currently crowded.

They are all panicking that they didn't notice the teacher's dead body and some other students who were unfortunate and got struck by the lightning, making their bodies cut into bits. There was a mess of blood and entrails on the floor as if someone played with a bucket of blood and body parts and scattered it everywhere.

I just stood there frozen in place, unable to move from what I just saw.

There, at the back of the room. Standing still and watching everyone pitifully try to exit the room, Young Ji appeared once again. And this time, she looked back at me, raising her right hand telling me to reach for it.

Whenever she's around, I feel so at ease and calm. At this moment, I just want to cling to her and cry my eyes out for missing her so much and apologize for everything that I have done to her.

I want to be with her already...

I slowly walked towards her not even blinking and kept my gaze locked on her stunningly beautiful figure, at this point I have no idea what I was doing. All I know is that I was walking towards my best friend who I longed for so long.

My hand were inches apart from hers, I could almost feel her warmth passing it to mine. As if a strong force was sucking my life away as I got close to her.

But then...

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