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I saw Young Ji on my way home from cram school, standing at the bridge and staring at a far distance. The sound of bustling night traffic was heard and it seems like she wasn't hearing anything as I call her name.

"Young Ji!" I called for the nth time and she finally noticed my presence, looking at me with a grim expression on her face.

"Oh Yoo ma" She said, looking back at the distance

"What do you mean ' Oh Yoo ma'. Is that your way of greeting me after I lend you my towel?" I joked, walking to her direction and standing beside her. "What happened? Did you get scolded by Miss Mina again? I told you to always carry your textbook with you, when will you ever listen?"

She didn't reply to my constant nagging just now, and kept silent.

"Seriously, what's your problem? Tell me." I looked at her annoyingly, but she still isn't talking. "You shouldn't keep all your problems to yourself you know, it's quite tiring if you keep it all to yourself. I know very well, that you're a troublemaker but you shouldn't ---"

"Easy for you to say." I heard her, for a second, I saw her look at me with distaste in her eyes. "You're not the one being bullied and laughed at everyday, no one looks down on you, the teachers like you for being an honorable student, you have loving parents who never even once tried to hurt you. Of course you don't have any problem, you're the greatest Yooma anyway. And yet you have the audacity to tell me about my own problems? Screw off!"

I was shocked by her sudden change in personality, she wasn't herself today. It somehow looks like she's not the Young Ji I know anymore.

"Fine! If that's what you want then I'll leave you alone. You can go and cry to your lovable boyfriend and be a baby about how everyone hates you." The harsh words slipped out from my mouth, I wasn't thinking and couldn't even understand myself why I'm saying all these to her. "And I'm gonna be honest with you, everyone has been bullying you since your seriously annoying. You talk too loud, you meddle with someone else's business, you even went out with Fei's crush of course everyone's gonna hate you. But I didn't, even though you're annoying I still remained as your friend but now you're telling me to screw off after all we've been through? It's quite valiant for you to say that."

I began walking, and when I was just in front of her I stated "You're on your own from now on."


"Hey, isn't that Youngji?" Kelly tapped Fei's shoulder to take her attention and pointed at the girl sheepishly walking at the sidewalk.

"Ah, it is her. What is she doing? Should we go get her" Jina interjected, seeing Fei smirk she knew that she had something in mind.

"I just had the most brilliant idea." Fei stood up from her seat and left the cafe, her followers trailing behind her.

"Young Ji!" She called out, Young Ji looked at the one who called her and saw Fei. "Perfect timing, do you want to come with us? There's a party being held at Hye Mi's house, I'm sure you're gonna love it there.

"I'm sorry, I have to go home—" She was cut off by Jina and Kelly grabbing both her arms and pulling her along with them until they reached Fei's car

"Don't be like that my dear Young Ji, you should be honored that I even invited you to our party that is exclusive for people like us."

"Umm. Okay... But I have to be at home at 8 so I'll just stop by" She answered quite in a low voice.

"Yeah yeah sure you can." Fei smirked, eyeing everybody else and giggling at their own plan.

The car had stopped in front of a huge modern house, and one by one they went out of the car. The loud booming of the music can be heard even at their distance and some cheering reverberated, the servants opened the doors for them and in they came.

The people were so immersed in the loud music that they didn't even took notice of the people who just entered, dancing and yelling at the middle, some were even making out that made Young Ji a bit uncomfortable.

"Young Ji, you gotta try this new drink. It's imported all the way from US" Hye mi forced a glass on her hands, before walking away and entered the kitchen.

"But I don't drink..."

"C'mon Young Ji, it's a way to forget all the bad memories you had so drink it." Fei persuaded her, and even filled the whole glass some more.

"Forget?" She mumbled innocently as she stare at the glass she was holding

"Just drink it already!" Fei pushed it up to her mouth and Young Ji even willingly drank all of it, making Fei smirk in delight as she call a guy at the other side of the table.

"Make sure she drinks ten of those beers." She whispered to the guy, pulling out money from her bag and giving it to him.

She glanced at Young Ji once last time, seeing that she's already a bit drunk. Then she looked back at the guy she just paid loads of money, and said in a flirtatious manner

"Give her tons of love."


Young Ji's POV

The rising sun glimmered through the window, veiling the room with a golden glow. After a while, I noticed that the ceiling was different than the ceiling I always see whenever I wake up every morning in my room.

Realizing that this place wasn't my bedroom, I immediately sat up only to find my clothes scattered everywhere, I looked down and saw that I wasn't wearing anything. My body feels awful to the point that I'm gonna puke out all the alcohols I drank last night, and there's an odd feeling building up in my stomach like it's tearing it from the inside.

"Wha-what happened last night?" I said as I grabbed my stinging head, standing up and walking to the bathroom to let all the unnecessary liquids I consumed last night out of my body.

After vomiting for almost 10 minutes, I washed my face before quickly wearing my clothes. I dashed outside to see Hye Mi, the owner of the house I'm in, who's currently sitting in her living room while watching a morning TV show.

"Oh? You're finally awake." She said eating a toast, not even looking at me. "Hurry up and get the hell outta my house, you've been sleeping for like forever" She pointed at the door, her voice filled with annoyance.

"Umm, I'm sorry I slept in your house." I bowed at her before walking timidly towards the door, as soon as I left the house and was now walking at the sidewalk, I tried my best to remember what happened last night but to no avail, I can't even remember what I was doing at that party.


The next day, as Young ji entered the gates of the school. She noticed that everyone was looking and quietly laughing at her, some were staring at disgust and some were even trying to throw crumpled papers at her.

"Hey, what are you trying to do?" She stopped and looked at the guys who just threw those crumpled papers at her.

"Why don't you go and take a look at what's inside the paper." One guy replied before giggling, excited to see her reaction.

Young Ji picked up the crumpled paper and unfolds it, she froze in place as she saw a picture of her naked and with another guy but the guy's face was blurred making it impossible to figure out who he was.

Everyone suddenly erupted in laughter as she crumpled the paper back, "What bullshit is this? I never did this kind of thing!" She yelled, but they weren't listening, busy laughing at how pathetic Young Ji looked right now.

"Oh there you are my dear Young Ji." Fei's voice was heard, soon she came out from the crowd together with her friends.

"Fei! What is this? I don't understand" Young Ji called out to her.

"Oh dear, I don't understand either. I didn't know you were such a slut, you already have a boyfriend but you're out there messing with other guys" She clicked her tongue, circling around Young ji

"That wasn't me! I swear" She tried to defend herself, but after looking around she noticed that there were tons of pictures of her scattered on the floor and glued on the school walls, each picture with different angles completely proving that the girl on the picture is really her.

"Wha...What? How did.." She was losing her mind, placing her hands on her head as she tries to remember everything.

She recalled that Fei made her drink something, and there was a guy who kept talking to her that time and led her inside a room. She realized it was Fei who did all these things, and looked at her with daggers in her eyes.

"It's you!" She charged Fei, but before she could even lay a hand on her, she was stopped by the sound of their teacher's voice.

"What is the meaning of this?" The teacher yelled, the students began to leave the scene not wanting to get involved with their drama.

"Miss Ah reum! I'm glad you're here, Young Ji just tried to hurt me" Fei faked a cry, her friends standing behind and patting her back.

Miss Ah reum looked around the hallway and saw those pictures, she looked at Young Ji with a deceitful look and said "Come to my office right now." She began walking, with Young ji reluctantly trailing behind her.

Fei smirked, seeing that her plan was going smoothly. Young ji saw her mocking smirk and was irritated, leaving them behind.

As soon as they arrived in the teacher's office, Miss Ah reum abruptly sat on her office chair and looked at Young Ji who just sat down on one of the chairs in front of her long desk.

"So... Care to explain?" She said, putting her chin on top of her clasped hands.

"I swear, I was framed." Young ji mumbled, her voice filled with anger but doing her best to make it sound polite considering that she was talking to a teacher. "Fei dragged me to a party and made me drink this weird beer, the next thing I know is that I woke up in another place."

"I see... Well, it doesn't matter if you're framed or not, the girl in the picture is still you. This news will reach the principal's ears and will soon call you to his office, probably gonna arrange your expulsion." Ah reum stated, picking up a pen and scribbling down on her notes. "For now, make your parents come here to school so we can have a talk."

"But miss Ah reum, I swear it wasn't my will to do those things! It was Fei who made me do it! She already planned this thing to happen and even printed a lot of pictures and scattered it throughout the school!" Young Ji slammed the desk, her voice already loud enough to be heard even outside the hall.

"Calm down Young j

i." Ah reum tapped her shoulder, and slightly made her sit back. "If you're worrying about the pictures, I already made the janitors in the school to make sure that not a single photo is left in the halls. I also ordered the student council officers to confiscate the photos from Fei's phone and from other students who took a picture."

"R-really? Thank you miss Ah reum.'' Young ji smiled in delight, relieved that she would no longer feel humiliated.

"I'm not the one you should thank." Ah reum smiled, continuing her statement. "Anyway, the fact that I'm still gonna talk to your parents doesn't change. Make sure that they come here as soon as possible so that the principal wouldn't have to be involved in here, you know how terrifying he is when angry."

"But... but I can't." Young Ji stammered, looking down and hanging her head low.

"What do you mean you can't?" She asked, her eyebrows twitching at Young ji.

"I... don't have parents."

"What? Then your relatives can come here." She said, gesturing her hands.

"I also don't have relatives, even if I have they wouldn't care about me."

"Then a guardian, you must have a guardian."

"There's none. I basically got abandoned." Young ji said, fumbling her fingers in shame to let someone know that she's living alone.

"Then how can you live by yourself? Where do you work? The tuition fee in this school is not that high but you still need to feed yourself. Don't tell me you work in an illegal organization?" Ah reum was panicking to know that one of her students is suffering.

"Miss Ah reum, calm down." Young ji chuckled at the sight of her panicking state. "I work part time in a karaoke bar and my boss there is super nice so I usually get to eat dinner there and my pay is enough to pay the water bill and to afford rice, and I have a friend who is really nice who always visits me at home with pizza and other stuff so I'm not lonely."

"Oh my, poor you." Ah reum was teary eyed and was blowing her nose. "Don't worry my dear Young Ji, from now on I'll visit you too. I won't let anyone bully you too, and screw that principal, I'm not letting you get expelled." She suddenly hugged her, burying Young ji's face on her chest.

"Umm thanks Miss Ah reum, but I'm fine by myself." Young Ji smiled, trying to escape from her breathtaking hug.

"Okay okay, just let me know when you're in trouble, I'll personally head butt those people who tries to hurt you." Ah reum smiled, caressing her face.

"Then I'm going back to class." Young ji stood up and bowed, turning away and walking towards the door.

"Let me take you there, I'm sure the other students would still make fun of you." Ah reum was trailing behind her, certain to protect Young Ji.

"No I'm fine miss Ah reum, thank you very much for your concern." Young Ji smiled at her.

"O-okay, take care." Ah reum stopped following her and went back in her office.

"Well, I gotta fix this problem before it reaches the principal." She whispered to herself before continuing her work as a teacher.


After another tormenting class for Young Ji, she want nothing more but to go home already. Yoo ma wasn't reacting about the pictures that were scattered and doesn't even look at her, she went back to Ah reum's office but saw that she was busy scribbling down on her paperworks so she didn't bother her.

It felt as if she was left alone in the world, wandering in the empty hallway and passing through the classrooms. She can still hear everyone's mocking voice, and their silly words about her.

Time and again, they spout selfish words at her, and she acts as if she doesn't care, but more than anything she worries about it the most.

As she was about to walk down the stairs, she felt a strong push behind her, causing her to stumble down the stairs and landing on her head. For a split moment, she heard something crack, as if her skull just cracked broken.

"ughhh." She helplessly wheezed, trying to stand up but failed. Her vision was swirling and blurry, her tears making it more worse.

"Umm... Are you okay?" She heard a voice, she raised her head to see her classmate, Irene, her hand reaching out to her.

She reluctantly grabbed her hand and Irene helped her stand up, putting Young Ji's arm around her shoulders to support her in walking. "You should go to the infirmary first, you just hit your head."

"T-thank you" She smiled, knowing that there's still someone nice to her. Completely forgetting about Yoo ma, since she already left early.

As soon as they reached the infirmary, Irene gently placed Young Ji on one of the beds letting her rest before going to the cabinet where the disinfectants were located.

"Ah, this should do it." Irene murmured, grabbing all the things she can and putting it next to Young Ji. "Show me your head, I'll fix it."

Young Ji scooted a bit and placed her slightly bleeding head in front of Irene. "Thank you very much for helping me." She mumbled

"It's fine it's fine." She replied, gently applying a certain liquid on her wound. "It must really hurt, you landed on your head." She commented, putting bandage all over her wounds after applying disinfects

"Ah yeah... it... hurts." She replied, quietly glancing at Irene in a suspicious way. "By the way... How did you know that I landed on my head? I'm sure that there's no one at the hallway that time..."

Irene paused for a second, before smiling thinly. "How did I know, you ask?" She stood up, walking back to the cabinet to put all the things she used back to where it belongs. "Well of course... I'm the one who pushed you." She giggled, looking at Young ji's shocked expression.

"Wh...Why?" She asked, looking downwards making her tears fall. "You even treated my wound, I thought you were nice."

"Well I didn't actually treated it, in fact I made it worse" She giggled, showing the bottle she had been using to put on Young Ji's wounds. "It's Peracetic Acid." She said with a thin smile on her face

"What?" Young ji removed the bandages and touched her wound, feeling her skin become quite irritated and small lumps forming.

Irene laughed at how Young Ji looked, panicking over her wound " Don't worry, Peracetic Acid is a type of disinfectant so at least thank me for killing the microorganisms in your wound. But you would experience irritation on the skin since it's a strong oxidizing agent."

"Why are you doing this?!" She screamed, crying her eyes out. Irene looked calm and composed watching her gawking.

"Well... I don't have any particular reason why I did that." Irene smiled, walking towards the door. "Well maybe because... It's fun to play with you." She giggled before leaving the room, her footsteps echoing until it wasn't heard anymore.

Young Ji clenched her fist, tired from everything, so sick of how everyone treated her. She stood up, and immediately walked out of the room. Reaching the ground floor, she saw Fei and the others that were about to leave the school.

She mustered up all her strength and yelled "Hey!" earning everyone's attention and looking at her walk to their direction.

"Oh, if it isn't the greatest slut of the school, how can we help you?" Jina crossed her arms, but Young Ji wasn't listening and kept walking to their direction

"If you're just gonna kneel and beg for forgiveness then I'll consider wasting my time on you." Fei smiled but instead of Young ji kneeling down, she suddenly slapped Fei's face causing her to tumble down.

"Fei!" Kelly helped her up, but Fei pushed her away and stood up on her own.

"This bitch got the guts to slap my pretty face." She angrily said, pulling Young Ji's hair down.

She tried to fight back but Hye mi, Jina and Kelly held her down to keep her from moving and Fei violently punched her stomach and constantly slapping her face.

"Don't make that ugly face, you hoe. You're the one who started this." Hye mi said, tightening her grip on Young Ji's hand so she won't be able to fight back.

"Hey, I want to slap her too. Let's switch" Kelly smirked, and Fei agreed letting her do the honor of beating Young Ji to a pulp.

"Stop! Help me!" Young Ji screamed, wriggling around to escape but her wound on her head made her unable to properly think or move.

"No ones gonna help you, they don't care about a slut, and the teachers left early." Fei boasted, while pulling Young Ji's hair.


"What an idiot..." Yoo ma mumbled, watching them beat Young Ji from the classroom. She was reading a book but their loud voices caught her attention. She closed her book and stood up, trying to look for a quiet place to continue reading.

"Yoo maaaaa!" She heard Young Ji's voice, causing her to stop and look back outside the window. She saw her lying on the ground and her back was being kicked by their sharp high heels. She was crying and covered in dirt, but they didn't show any mercy and kept kicking her. "Save me." She cried

"How adorable, you think Yoo ma's gonna come and save you?" Fei laughed, stopping and fixing her hair. "I'm done with you, let's go and have a facial treatment." She pushed her hair away from her shoulders as she walk away, with the girls trailing behind her.

Young ji sobbed, not moving from her place and kept saying Yoo ma's name

"Yoo ma.... Yoo maa." She mumbled, while Yoo ma watch her pathetic state right now.

"How foolish..." She said, closing her eyes before leaving the room. Not glancing one last time at her own best friend and left.


Yoo ma's POV

The next day, nothing was the same anymore. Police cars were parked in front of the school, the teachers were horrified by the news, and the students were not speaking a word about the girl who just took away her life.

Everyone feigned ignorance, acted as if they're the victim.

The principal decided to cancel the class for a month as to give respect for the dead, but I know it was just his act, I know he's hiding something. I looked around and everyone was crying, some looked shocked and traumatized. But I know that tomorrow they'll forget about her, they don't give a single damn about her.

They concluded that it was a suicide, that she just simply took away her life.

And as her body was taken away from the police, I know something wasn't right about her corpse.

I know... that it wasn't suicide.


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