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   Chapter 2 NO.2

Revenge of a Dead Girl By NEEonPink Characters: 4965

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The sky turned dark as ominous clouds filled the sky, threatening to send more rain. The moonlight faded as the clouds coated the world in darkness. Frigid cold loomed through the corridors and the sound of the harsh wind and rain slamming against the tightly bolted windows were all one can hear.

A timeless cycle of death had manifested itself in this dreadful, clammy school. The whole place was bathed in darkness. The air was choked with the putrid smell of something I can only describe as rotting road kill. Many of us were dead and gone. Killed in the most brutal way a person could possibly imagine at the hands of someone who I never imagined would return.

I limped aimlessly through the dark, searching for some escape from this horrifying, dark place. I disregard the bodies scattered carelessly around the hallways. The thought of death wasn't an unusual one since this chaos began. I didn't fear it. In fact, I was preparing myself to embrace it. In this time of despair and despondency, anyone in my situation would believe that death is the only escape from this place.


Yes. I treated death as a gift. It's the only way out. The only solution to end all the pain.

A sudden rush of emotions hit me, overwhelming me like nothing has done before. I finally knew what she had felt whilst she was asking for help, when she was trying change things, when she only wanted was a peaceful life. But we just had to ruin it, and now we're repenting for our sins.

I dropped to my knees, tears flowing down my face as I felt guilt hit me like a sack of bricks.

"I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry." I quietly sobbed to myself, covering my mouth that formed a muffled voice.

I cried helplessly as I hugged myself, only leading for my body to feel an excruciating sensation. It was then that I realized how awful my state was from endlessly trying to escape this horrible place.

The cuts and wounds all over my body were all fresh and still bleeding, it gives off a stinging feel after every move I make. Both my ankles were twisted in an odd way that I limped all the way here and was planning to crawl until I find the exit. I looked down on my hands to see the absence of all my fingernails, it was pulled off, leaving disgusting, mutilated fingers.

"I didn't mean to hurt you. . ." My mouth moved on its own accord as I contemplate how awful my wounds was, but this didn't even reach half of what she went through before her miserab

le death "It's all my fault."

"Of course it's your fault." Her soft voice came from right in front of me. I didn't hear any footsteps at all, as if she suddenly appeared out of thin air.

I slowly and cautiously lifted my head up to face her, to try to see her as much as my blurry eyes could manage.

She was wearing the same school uniform as me, her skirt reaching the bottom of her knees and her necktie properly tied despite the morbid environment. She was completely covered in blood, the blood of all the people she had killed.

But that didn't scare me at all, the thing that frightened me the most was her eyes. Her eyes was filled with and hatred as she stared into mine. One glance from her was all it took to send me groveling in fear on the bloodied floor.

I couldn't tell what she was thinking, her face was completely blank. All I know is that she was pondering whether she'd let me live a few more hours to let me continue to feel all the agony I've been experiencing or just quietly end my life.

After a long pause, she continued towards me, her footsteps now echoing, sending cold shivers down my spine with each step she took.

When she was just merely a feet away, she swiftly grasped my already painful neck in one of her icy hands, effortlessly lifting me from my feet into the air. A rush of fear engulfed me, adrenaline rushing through my veins as I weakly struck her arms, trying to fight back.

I failed. I was too weak.

She was mumbling things I couldn't quite hear while tightening her grip on my neck mercilessly.

My vision darkened, and my lungs burned for the oxygen I so desperately needed. My arms fell to my sides as the world continued to fade and was replaced with darkness.

She dug her cold fingers further into my flesh, blood gushed out and streamed down on her arm, staining her clothes that made her already bloody uniform more bloody. Her hands was shaking in hate and rage as she watched my arms fall on both my sides.

At this point, I couldn't feel anything anymore. The burning sensation I felt earlier was gone. The heat that burned my lungs as I gasped for air was gone. The fear and the adrenaline that coursed through my veins was gone.

"Go and wait for me in hell. I'll come following behind you." She violently threw my body and I was slammed against a wall, as limp as a rag doll.

"And when I get there..." She added as she turned and began to stride away.

"I'm going to kill you again."

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