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Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 4911

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'My boy's always been different, ' said Lolita, brushing imaginary fluff from her son's back. 'My boy's an artist.'


'And making a bucket, ' said Beatrice.


Harry stood at the top floor of the Buchanan Galleries, talking to a drama student sitting in a panda suit, who was wondering what a panda had to do with abstract fannies.

'I want you to wear this during your routine, it's one of Johnston's creations.'

The student looked at the jewelled cod piece and sighed, The things you did for your equity card, he thought.

'And I want you to do this, ' Harry said, illustrating star shapes with his chubby legs. 'And this, and maybe this...'

'Alright, I get the picture, ' muttered the student.

Harry pulled a card from his jacket, which no longer was the creased, size-to-small variety, but the tailor-made slimming variety, and handed the card to the student.

Harry and Martin Promotions LTD

Thanks to Sheryl, he and Martin had moved on to bigger things. Johnston products for the womanly men; The Unveiling of the Flower of Scotland; The Chronicles of Nefertiti, and The Sisterhood (although he still wanted to work on their name).

The student slipped the card into his pocket, slipped on the codpiece and adjusted his harness. I'm on TV, he told himself, that's all that matters.


Johnston was still talking to JD when the drumming started. Ten men in kilts and bare, oiled chests walked through the crowd drumming. Fo

way slowly to her bed.


At the end of a very successful evening, Steven and Sheryl stood watching Nefertiti air kiss an unknown MP.

'You driving, ' she said, 'or me?'

Steven lifted an M&S carrier bag and looked into her sweet blue eyes. 'My pal has left me the key to his flat for the night, Eggs Benedict, Columbian coffee and some fresh oranges.'

Sheryl smiled, 'Sounds good to me.'

Steven took her down Buchanan street, and as they walked close to each other, Steven looked at the drizzle just beginning to splash on the pavement and smiled, as Porter would say, life is all about timing. And Steven couldn't agree more.

The End

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