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   Chapter 53 No.53

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 5208

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'Nice? She don't look nice, she looks fantastic. Now, come on, let's find a place where she can't see me, don't want to put her off.'

'Haven't you just done that already?'

'On the contrary, my dear Watson, sometimes a little anger is needed.'


Sheryl stood at the doorway. Harry had arranged a big build up with Mohammad and his drums. He cleared the dance floor and instructed Sheryl to 'make 'em wait.' Sheryl's chest pounded with mixed emotions as she waited for the nod from Steven. When it finally came, Sheryl, with a veil wrapped around her costume and an 'Eat you words, Mother' strut burst in to the bar.

The music was powerful and the women started to clap as Sheryl circled her hips. Then as the tempo changed to slow rhythms, Sheryl slowed her pace and began to unwrap her veil, teasing the audience with a glimpse of her costume.

Sheryl moved from stomach rolls to hip circles and flicks, and then pelvic tilts, her body rippling like jelly. Steven watched, she was just as he imagined her to be; voluptuous, strong and happy.

Under the instigation of Harry, Sheryl stood on to the bar, and let her veil simmer to the ground, revealing her costume. Mohammad let rip on the tabla and with Ardenne's words in her head, Sheryl let the drums unleash the woman in her, catching each beat with her hips.

Then just to add a bit of panache, she picked up a jug and began to balance it on her head, easing herself down onto the floor with mesmerizing movement.

'She dances like an Egyptian, ' said Mohammad.

'Like a real pro

Imogene called it spiritual food for the sisters.

While Chubby, who was tiring of the whole Sisterhood thing and was thinking of going back to Rugby, called it a bloody baguette and insisted on stopping for a roll and sausage.


George pulled the covers up over Beatrice, switched on the TV and poured them both a Royal Bracklier. 'I like living in sin!' he said.

Beatrice said nothing, being content was not something she liked to talk about. He put the dram by her bedside and tuned the TV to The Art Stops Here show.


Judge Dougie, the host, was standing outside the Buchanan Galleries talking to Johnston about his new boutique, and the Flower of Scotland Exhibition held in the Buchanan Galleries.

'So, you're opening a shop in Glasgow?'

'That's right, JD, a shop for men who are looking for something a little different.'

'Like what you're wearing?'

'Yes Sir, you like?'

'Do we like?' yelled JD, revving up the crowd. The crowd cheered and clapped as Johnston did a jaunty turn in his outfit.

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