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   Chapter 52 No.52

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 4721

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Karin was taken by surprise and never had a chance.

By the time Cocolder was at the bar, Karin's head had already made contact with Nefertiti's cane, and by the time Cocolder had parted the crowds around Nefertiti, Karin was falling against the wall, and Cocolder along with everyone else could only watch as Karin slid in slow motion down the wall like an egg on a windscreen. His wig caught on a nail and hung there like a red spider, not sure which way to go as his head continued to slide down the wall.

The heels of his shoes skidded along the polished floor, and as his legs parted, his skirt hoisted up revealing very hairy bits of his body, which no amount of nylon could disguise.

Living the La Vida Loca

Living the La Vida Loca

Living the la Vida Loca

There were a few 'Oh my God' shouts from the crowd as his head finally thumped onto the floor, with the disco lights flashing on his bald patch in time to the music.

La la la la la LA!

La la la la la LA!

'And I was going to give him a makeup lesson, ' muttered Nefertiti.


Cocolder stepped into the centre as the music stopped. He took one look at the unconscious Karin and nearly choked on his cheese and pickle. It was that bastard on the fax machine, he thought and threw Iain an 'it's in the bag' look. Cocolder rolled up his sleeves (revealing a large muscular arm) and hoisted the unconscious Conway over his sh

at the mirror when a caustic-looking Beatrice wheeled herself back in, 'Hurry up, Sheryl. Eric's taken over with his karaoke.'

'Do you think I can do it?' said Sheryl.

'You'll be great, ' said Steven.

'And I'll be cheering for you...' said Beatrice, 'even if no one else does.'

'Thanks Mum.'

'And it will be over before you know it, then we can go back to normality, ' said Beatrice.

'But I don't want normality, ' said Sheryl.

Beatrice snorted as George walked in with an 'I've been looking for you everywhere' look. 'Come on, let's get you out of here, ' he said. And to Sheryl's surprise, Beatrice didn't argue.

'And by the way, ' yelled Beatrice from the passage. 'Martin and Imogene are there with old Nef, but don't worry I think they're pissed.

This time, Sheryl snorted, I'll show her, she thought.


George pushed Beatrice into the Oyster Bar, 'Could you not have said she looked nice?' he said.

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