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   Chapter 48 No.48

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 5288

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'God, I haven't felt like this in years, ' said one woman, 'so alive, so vibrant.'

'And so randy, ' said another.

They followed Martin in to the lounge bar giggling, some secretly whispering Flower Scotland, and waited for something to happen.


'I've lost me Rodger and me mojo, ' said Nefertiti to Karin. 'Me reason for dancing.'

Karin put a glass under the Jack Daniel's and tapped it for a measure. His plan was unfolding nicely. It was amazing what a stuffed bra and some lipstick could do.

Karin knew Rodger like the back of his police badge. He had made a study of the man, and always, his downfall was women. Mr. Brassiere or Rodger, as he now called himself, was an old romantic with a love for flowers and the extravagant life. And Nefertiti was just to his taste; skinny and exotic, standing out in the crowd like a parrot in a flock of seagulls.

'I'll never dance again, ' muttered Nefertiti. 'He has ripped me heart out.'

And dramatic, thought Conway.

'He has ripped me heart and the soul of my loins.'

Dramatic as a soap opera, thought Karin, and wherever that dramatic old tart was, old Brassier would not be far away. If only McConical could see him now, mused Karin. In fact, he was pretty sure the whole station would be impressed. Ignoring the two men waving their empty glasses at him, Karin took Nefertiti's glass and filled it. When this was all over, he told himself, he was going to get a proper wig.


Harry was beginning to get impatient. Where the hell was Nefertiti? He walked into the dressing room to see what was

before her. The was no witty repartee, no animal magnetism, just some big guy who had stopped drinking tequila cause his mother told him to. She felt almost cheated. She watched Mad Brady and Frank disappear into the crowd. Was it because she was sober that things weren't as great as she planned?


Rodger, Steven, and Eric walked into the entrance of the Columbia and stood for a moment collecting their thoughts, Rodger had arranged to meet Martin in the lounge bar.

Steven, under the influence of half a dozen Babychams, was thinking about Martin, Sheryl and what Porter would do in his situation. 'He's here somewhere, ' he finally said in a loud voice.

'Sh, you want to get thrown out? Just leave it to me, ' said Eric. He approached the receptionist while Rodger headed for the lounge bar, hopefully Martin was already there.


Sheryl stared out across the room and saw Steel's seven-foot frame striking a pose in a 'Simply the Best' tee shirt and jeans. He waved to an uncomfortable-looking Johnston and moved towards him.

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