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   Chapter 46 No.46

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 4820

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Sheryl popped a tic-tac in her mouth, stepped out of the limo and just missed a puddle.

A grumpy-looking cat stared up from a couple of wheelie bins a few feet away. It hissed, scowled then made his escape, sending some suspicious smelling plastic wrappers flying. Sheryl adjusted her G-string then pulled out her mother's wheelchair. She never even noticed the cat.


'This way, ' said Harry and led them through the back door and into the kitchen. Beatrice's chair screeched into action as she tried to manoeuvre it through the slim doorway. After the third attempt, she made it through, knocking over whatever was in her way including a bunch of leeks hanging over the side of a bench.

'Watch me veg, ' yelled Mohamed, a hot-looking chef. He was standing by the stove vigorously shaking a frying pan. He slid the contents of the frying pan on to two plates then barked at a waitress.

Standing by another bench sharpening his knife stood a small muscular man. He looked up from a row of gaping fish, saw Harry and smiled.

'Hey mate, ' he yelled, with a casual wave of his knife.

'Why the hell are we coming through this way?' yelled Beatrice, knocking over some empty bottles.

Harry laughed, 'You're the surprise. Nobody knows you're coming, it was Chubby's idea!'

'Table number two finished, ' yelled the waitress, coming back in, she gave Sheryl the once over and raced out with another two plates.

'These are

a nice Scotch gal, ' he said.

Sheryl smiled as she was introduced to a softly-spoken German man, who was missing his pet snake. She smiled even more when she met the Crickey brothers and Martin Latino, a dark man in tight trousers who was about as Latin (to quote Harry) as a takeaway nacho.

'You know, Sheryl, wrestling aint what it's cracked up to be!' said Frank.

'Don't take any notice, ' said Mad Brady. 'After a few beers, old tuna neck here starts to talk crazy.'

Beatrice let out a cackle. She was being entertained by a vanilla-scented Uno Sumo, who found everything amusing, including Beatrice.

'Well, it comes to something when wrestling fans watch an elderly woman stall her wheelchair, and think it's part of the act.'

'Elderly?' said Beatrice.

'And I've had enough!'

Mad Brady spluttered on his Kronenberg. 'What? It's in your blood man, from the day you did your first fall.'

'Who you calling elderly?' said Beatrice.

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