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   Chapter 45 No.45

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 5511

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'Break a leg, Stevie, ' yelled Nellie, while waving a fag in the drizzle.

Steven, with a stagger, waved back then placed his arms around both men and crossed the street. He had his pals and Sheryl's mobile, all he needed now was to find out just exactly where this Oyster bar was.


George put the phone down and grinned. It was the sort of grin Morag had seen before.

'That'll be herself then?' she said.

George handed Morag a Bombay Gin and poured himself a Royal Blacker.

'You'll be seeing her later, I suppose?' said Morag, with a bored expression.

'Hmm, I'm going to take my time, her car exploded you know.'

'Don't they always.'

'And her wheelchair's not too hot either. Apparently, it squeals like a cat with its tail caught in a gin trap.'

Morag watched George pull her husband's wheelchair from the cupboard, and with a tuneless whistle, he begin to dust it down.

'I take it she'll not know you'll be coming.'


'And you're going to surprise her, with that?'


George pulled out a can of WD40 and Morag's patience dwindled.

'There'll be nothing wrong with that chair; no one's touched it since my Jack died. Besides, you and fixing don't mix, you start tinkering with that chair, and it'll be in bits by the time my gin is finished.'

George sat in the chair and gave it a test run up the hall.

'Don't know why you bother, look at how she treated Robert.'

'Some men like a little fire, ' muttered George. 'Who wants an easy life?'

'You're just saying that 'cause you've never had to wake up to the same person raking over the same arguments for forty years, ' said Morag. '

ain's father had had enough and bought a cheap rundown hotel (The Columbia) and with a small lump sum, set Iain a mission.

Iain took over the rundown Victorian building and was inspired. His first of many inspirations was the Oyster Bar. The second was getting involved with Harry, and the third was staying friendly with the local policemen, such as Cocolder.

Iain was waiting in the reception of the hotel for Cocolder to arrive, while Sheryl was making an entrance by the back door of the Columbia.

She had walked out of the Lochfeta B&B with a can of Red Bull, a packet of tic-tacs, and one of Rona's G-strings making its presence felt like a forgotten piece of toilet paper.

Sheryl had grand plans of staying sober. She had grand plans of being able to walk rather than stagger in her new velvet look, and she had grand plans of facing her humiliation with just a little bit of guts. She was hoping to wake up in the morning with no feelings of guilt or remorse; but instead with a clear head and a picture of her and Johnston in her camera, and the memory of that moment to match.

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