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   Chapter 44 No.44

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 4566

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'This'll get em drooling, ' she said. 'And it'll take the attention away from your hips.'

'Not every woman likes to put it on a plate, ' yelled Beatrice, who was still downstairs and feeling left out. 'Some men like to do a little unwrapping themselves.'

Rona pulled the bra off and tossed it in the bin and then proceeded to try wrapping something half the size of Sheryl around her. Sheryl watched in the mirror like a four-year being dressed by an overbearing adult, as Rona tried to close the six-inch gap at the back.


Eric and Rodger walked in to Clara's pub and peered into the smoky atmosphere. On the scratched dance floor moving to a toothless man singing Hero was a couple oblivious to the no-smoking rule.

Steven was sitting on a stool talking to a weary-looking barman and a woman with a slightly askew wig, and matchstick legs, who everyone knew as Nellie.

'I loved her from the first time I saw her, ' said Steven. 'She looked miserable and it became my mission.'

'What?' said Nellie, exposing a set of loose fitting dentures.

'To make her smile!'

'Ooooh, I see.'

'And she hardly notices me. I give up, ' he said, tossing a pork scratching into his mouth and missing it.

'Give up what?' said Nellie.

'She said 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen', ' said Steven.


'Beatrice! Mind, Nefertiti's advice is far m

t you? I think I can save it, ' yelled Martin.

'Is it that bastard Martin?' said Steven, sitting up with a flash before falling back down again.

'It?' said Rodger.

'Your life, your paintings, ' continued Martin. 'Women loved them. I have a group here just now getting in touch with the Goddess within. We got to get Nefertiti to see them. We could make a frigging fortune.'

'It's Martin, isn't it?' Steven sat up again. 'She's no cleaner, you know!' he yelled into an imaginary phone, and then looked up at Nellie 'She's too good for him.'


Eric and Rodger took Steven out of the bar and tried to steer him into the direction of Lochfeta. But Steven would have none of it. Once he heard that Martin was going to O'Leary's Oyster Bar, Steven decided to follow.

'There are scores needin to be settled, ' he yelled in the street. 'And I, Steven, am gonna do what Porter would have done!'

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