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   Chapter 41 No.41

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 5296

Updated: 2018-02-07 12:01

Johnston, laying flat on his back with a dazed 'What the hell is going on' look, couldn't either. He turned to Steven and saw a sweet, willing man who was just the age he liked. 'Help me, ' he said.

Sheryl, standing next to Steven, assumed he meant both of them, and for a moment, thought about kissing the panda but instead, with Steven's help, rolled the mumbling panda over onto his back and helped Johnston up.

Nefertiti, with the swift movement of an agile mature woman, jumped onto the stage, and with a lot of shouting, grabbed Big Sal's whip. 'Retribution is mine, ' she yelled, and with an athletic swing that came from years of dancing with a cane, she began to taunt the Panda. It was an impressive performance, impressive enough to whip the audience up into frenzy, and cause the majority of men to look at the more mature women in a new light.

'Look at that, Frank, I reckon we've found the infamous Nefertiti, ' said Mad Brady.

Frank said nothing; a whip-wielding granny was not what he called entertainment, let alone wrestling.


Steven looked out the window of the limo and ventured a comment. 'It could be worse, ' he said.


'Come on, Sheryl, don't be SO melodramatic.' Beatrice sniffed. 'They're just wrestlers'.

'And some of 'em are complete arseholes, ' said Jimmy. But Sheryl didn't see it that way. In her eyes, her afternoon had been ruined, and it all was thanks to Beatrice and her stupid wheelchair.


Beatrice had been parked at the front of the aisle, just close enough to feel the wind of the whip, and eventually j

garette out of the window.

'All right, you asked for it, ' he said, with a prolonged belch then pressed on the accelerator. The back seat slid forward, thumping into the back of Conway's seat. Conway didn't even notice, all his attention was focused ahead on the white limo and the 'bastard' that was in it.


Harry, intent on getting a party going, pulled out a couple of cans of beer and a selection of crisps.

'Export anyone?' he said.

Jimmy sped around a bend as Harry pulled the can open, beer frothed over the rim and dribbled onto the floor.

'Bugger, ' said Harry.

Sheryl, who was trying to keep her dignity with a coat that refused to stay shut, stared out the window, while Steven stared in the other direction, he had had enough.

'I think I've lost him, ' said Jimmy over his shoulder.

But the fiesta followed, easing its way through the traffic like a slick operator.

'If this is your doing, Rodger?' said Nefertiti 'If it's anything to do with them paintings, I swear I will not be responsible for me actions.'

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