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   Chapter 40 No.40

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 5228

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'Me heart is broken in to a million pieces, 'ow can I go on?' sighed Nefertiti.

'For God's sake, Naf-arse, give it a break. How many men would abseil in a panda suit with a codpiece strapped to them just for love?' snapped Beatrice.

'What do you mean?'

'Look at Sheryl, ' said Beatrice. 'The only thing she could pull was a married man, a part-time lover who hid his car around the corner.'

'Thanks Mum.'

'Rodger's a real catch compared to him, and he doesn't drink.'

Rodger was not only a sober man, he was also quite an agile man. In a previous life, so he told many, he was an acrobat for a Russian circus.


Rodger had stood on the ledge waiting for the right moment to descend and tempt his Egyptian princess. He had made friends with the technicians; he had paid them money to do what he asked, all he needed now was his plan to unfold nicely. Under the heat of the lights, he closed his eyes and inhaled in his past. After a few deep breaths and a small amount of chanting, Rodger was ready. Nefertiti, you are mine, he whispered more than once, then he opened his eyes.

He looked down at his audience, his aim was good and with a nod to the technicians, the panda began to make his descent.

No one noticed the panda at first. His round black and white body was just a pimple in the distance as Steel and Johnston thrashed it out in the ring.

Johnston picked Steel up and threw him against the metal steps, the crowd hushed as the noise of the crash filled the hall. Then the Proclaimers began to sing as the panda began to t

che, a sort of full stop to his poem. But the panda was not as agile as he used to be, and with a very high-pitched, You have my heart now take the rest of me, the panda lost control and sped to the ground, landing on top of Johnston.

'Oh bugger, ' echoed Rodger's voice into the microphone.

Johnston said more than that, but luckily no one heard.


Nefertiti had stared at the wide screens on the walls as they repeatedly flashed the fall of the panda onto Johnston. The whole gamut of emotions that had been churning in her stomach now began to churn into one big ball of anger. Everyone has seen it, she thought, the whole bleeding world has just seen the bugle's hat; my bugle's hat, not only is my Flower of Scotland public property, but the bugle's hat is on film forever. She quickly scanned the hall and her eyes stopped at the ring. Sitting in the corner was big Sal's whip. Retribution, she thought, sweet retribution.

'Of all my years in wrestling, ' muttered Frank 'I can't believe what we just saw.'

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